Academics at The Wood Acres School

Curricular areas and programs are just that - inanimate topics with little chance of impacting a student’s learning unless the academic program is embraced wholeheartedly, studied critically, adopted thoroughly, implemented with passion, and shared with all school community members.

What continually elevates the Wood Acres School to the level of a Wood Acres Education is knowing how we know what we know (metacognition) and teaching with the end always in mind. Our goal is to create an informed citizenry to perpetuate our democracy, a truly Jeffersonian vision. While we discuss curriculum in finite subject areas, the overarching curriculum at Wood Acres is overlapping, integrated, and tied to the “big” questions that make learning meaningful, memorable, and portable for a student.

Teaching and learning @ the Woods is Velcro, not Teflon. It sticks to our students year after year simply because it matters to them, has significance in their lives now, and holds great promise for their continued academic progress and success.