Every child is an artist and harnessing this natural creativity is the goal of The Wood Acres School Fine Arts program. Designed to promote and develop creativity and artistic literacy, the visual arts help students appreciate their own abilities as well as those around them. 

Early School

Texture, form, and design elements are introduced to Early School students as they develop the ability to create their own “masterpieces”.  Student work is displayed in Wood Acres own student art Gallery with formal shows twice each school year.  Community art projects are often components of other campus wide activities.  And with miles of sidewalks, our students become great sidewalk chalk artists any time of the year

Grammar School

Art in the eye of the beholder of a grammar school student is front and center during biannual art shows and gallery displays in Turner Hall.  Great artists also “visit” the class in literature and in their works to introduce the field of art appreciation. These experiences promote feelings of competency, encourage independence, and hone problem solving skills. An annual student art show as well as an art gallery feature the wonderful creativity of Wood Acres creative students. 

Upper School

Taught by an accomplished artist in her own right, the Wood Acres art program for upper school students is a natural continuation of rich curriculum of the Grammar School. With an ever-refined eye for line, form and perspective upper school students blend didactic instruction with creative, edgy and captivating art projects. Students display their pieces at a Fine Arts Show both winter and spring. Students are trained to look at the world through the eyes of an artist, seeing lines of symmetry, perspective, geometry, color, balance, shading, tone, and depth as the art of nature and man’s creation. Art is a very natural and very important outlet for the unique developmental stages of a young adult.