Computer Technology and Media

The Wood Acres School’s outstanding computer lab demonstrates the school’s commitment to responsible, skill-based, and creative use of computer technology. Staffed with a Technology Specialist, computer classes are taught to Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students on a weekly basis.  Teaching and learning are further enhanced with the use of Smartboards, LCD projectors, and group tech projects in many classrooms.

Upper School students (5th through 8th grades) have technology instruction embedded throughout the academic day with student laptops and all the tech tools necessary to enhance meanigful research and learning.  Upper School students can also select a technology elective during the academic year where they will learn to code and build their own websites.

The lab is also available for individual class project work and research. Skill development in keyboarding and word processing leads to more advanced use of Microsoft Office. With adult guidance, students use the Internet for research, armchair travel and data collection. Teaching and learning are enhanced with this powerful teaching tool.

Students also visit the Wood Acres library, “The Stacks,” to learn how closely intertwined media and technology really are. Students have access to thousands of titles, including Newbery and Caldecott Award winners, as well as informational resources and Spanish titles.  An open media schedule permits all classes to access this wonderful space and its treasure of literature whenever they wish.

Helpful Links:

  • Shop at the Bank Street Bookstore to find the perfect titles for your student.
  • The Horn Book Guide and The Horn Book Magazine are the most distinguished publications in the field of children’s and young adult literature.