Wood Acres Early School

The Early School at Wood Acres is distinctively unique as compared with traditional preschool programs or Mother’s Morning Out options.  The Early School offers a rare third option:  an actual “school” for the earliest learners coupled with the purposeful play opportunities and socialization found in the more typical preschool programs.  Wood Acres early learners are ready for so much more than mere color recognition and routine step counting.  Wood Acres Early School students are surrounded by nationally rated, well-researched curriculum geared just for them in the areas of early literacy, numeracy, and the physical world around them.  Toss in classes in art, music, foreign language, physical education, and the biggest sandbox in town!  This type of Early School environment both celebrates the joy of childhood and play as well as the joy of exploring and learning actual concepts and knowledge acquisition.  And then there is that sandbox…

  • Navigating the Two Year Old Curriculum
  • Navigating the Three Year Old Curriculum
  • Navigating the Four Year Old Curriculum
  • Early School Admissions 

    Kindergarten is part of our Grammar School Program