Foreign Language

Students at The Wood Acres School begin the study of the Spanish language and culture in the Three Year Old Program. With this early start, a formal sequential curriculum, and talented faculty, they have a chance to achieve academic success and that which eludes most language students—proficiency. Language instruction increases and continues through eighth grade.

Children are introduced to vocabulary and basic grammar to communicate about their school, home, clothes, and food. They also learn about Hispanic traditions, culture, and geography and learn how to appreciate the diversity of an ancient yet modern culture.


Congratulations to the 7th and 8th graders who participated in the FLAG (Foreign Language Association of Georgia) annual Spoken Language Contest for Spanish 1 and 2 on April 29th. Everyone received a medal for SUPERIOR and EXCELLENT performances. 

Beginning in first grade a formal curriculum is introduced so that students continue to practice their conversational skills while also working on their Spanish grammar. Instructional methodology includes TPR, total pupil response, which encourages students to become comfortable in speaking, listening, writing and reading Spanish.

The Upper School curriculum also includes multiple Spanish languages series as well as a continuing increase in both Spanish Studies and immersion of the language into other curriculum areas.


The Wood Acres School is a designated International Spainsh Academy (ISA) by the Embassy of Spain and Consulate of Spain in Washington ,DC.  Further information about this outstanding program can be found in the ISA Program section of this website and the program internationally by linking to