History, Geography & Culture

More commonly referred to as Social Studies, Wood Acres considers each component of history and geography important enough for academic consideration on its own merits. Social Studies begins in our Early School programs with an experiential curriculum and continues through eighth grade with advanced units of study. Based on the National Geography Standards established by The National Council for Geographic Education, student knowledge of where we are in time and space is a vital life skill in an ever-shrinking global community.

Third Grade students’ Viking Longship projectsFurther learning is focused on history, economics, culture, ethics and belief systems as well as social and political systems. Each area of study is enhanced with study skills, visual learning, and map and globe work. Students interweave the study of history, geography, and citizenship through lectures, research, projects, and discussions. Enhancing the curriculum are ancillary materials such as magazines for current events, field trips, and community service projects. As students study the past and understand the present, they embrace the future.