Students at The Wood Acres School learn by doing. Number sense is introduced in the Early School and enhanced as the child grows. Hands-on mathematics programs well prepare students for the work to come in Grammar and Upper Schools. Numeracy partners with literacy to “grow” a student who “gets” number sense and the power of the written and spoken word.

Grammar School students continue use of manipulatives in their early Grammar School grade level math programs and also utilize math texts and workbooks judiciously. Mastery of basic operations is blended with graphing, estimation, measurement, and classification.  Pre-algebra skills are embedded in all grade level math programming as is geometry and real math applications in other academic areas.

Students in the Upper School continue to hone computational skills on a more advanced level in place value, operations, number theory, fractions, fractional operations and decimals. Add into this math mosaic a strong emphasis on probability, statistics, geometry, measurement, ratios, percents plus problem solving and you have a foundation upon which algebraic expressions, equations and operations can be introduced and expanded. Competency in basic math operations is never forgotten as each student’s future success in math is very dependent upon skill and confidence in these operations.  A deep understanding of algebra is carefully scaffolded into the math programming in the Upper School as Wood Acres students excel in this accelerated advanced math approach.