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A note from the Woods...

With our fortieth anniversary on the horizon, Wood Acres is the epitome of oldschool meets new school. Our students have the best of both worlds, benefiting from the rich curriculum that Wood Acres has used over many decades while also being exposed to very modern instructional techniques. This combination is resulting in some wonderful things for our students and our school.

To begin with, we are extremely proud to announce that Wood Acres has been accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission. This only confirms for those new to Wood Acres what parents and faculty have always known. Wood Acres sets high expectations and then provides the instruction and encouragement for each student to soar. It’s an honor to have the credentials but the proof is in the pudding—Wood Acres’ students are recognized for their superb math & science skills,excellent creative writing, superior citizenship and much more wherever they go.

An additional nexus of the old and new is Wood Acres’ quest to become an International Spanish Academy. At the invitation of the Spanish consulate, Wood Acres will be applying for this official designation that will bring state-of-the-art resources to our Spanish program as well as allow our eighth grade graduates to tap into some phenomenal high school programs. As more details are available, we will keep you informed on this exciting opportunity for Wood Acres students. Please visit the website forfurther information on the International Spanish Academy concept.

The last forty years have been grand. The next forty years, along with your family and our spectacular teachers, will be an amazing adventure. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey where parents, teachers and school work collaboratively to give our children all the best of the last forty years along with the exciting new prospects for the next forty years.

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School


It’s a wonderful life (and school)!

Dear Wood Acres Families,

As Wood Acres celebrates a milestone 40th birthday in 2009, I am taken with the convergence of so many wonderful things happening on our campus.  Wood Acres has grown steadily from a small early childhood school at the corner of Johnson Ferry & Upper Roswell Roads to a spacious, state of the art school educating toddlers through ’tweens.  In fact, we are now welcoming the children of parents who attended Wood Acres when they were just wee preschoolers!

Our decades old reputation for being a very special school is not an East Cobb secret anymore.  With an official invitation from the government of Spain to become an International Spanish Academy, our students will be fully supported in attaining fluency in their native language as well as the other primary language of the world, Spanish.

On the heels of the exciting invitation from Spain, we are also pleased to announce that Wood Acres will be formally reviewed for accreditation in late January by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.   The commission has been impressed with everything we have provided for them, and we look forward to sharing the final results with you in the spring.

Many parents comment on the special feel that Wood Acres evokes, something that isn’t tangible or quantifiable, but very real.  This special feeling is a spark, the genesis of so many of the wonderful things that are happening now…the tremendous generosity of our families for the “Thankful” Baby Food & Supply Drive, the exciting developments with our Spanish program and accreditation and most importantly, the daily support of Wood Acres parents for their students with high expectations and words of encouragement.

It is my hope that you will take this wonderful Wood Acres “spark” with you throughout the holiday season, sharing with all around you what is special to you.  Our students and families are at the heart of the Wood Acres, and we are so grateful for you.  Wishing each of you a very special and wonderful holiday season!

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School