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A Note from the Woods...

Now, take your time. Don’t hurry. Let’s do one thing at a time. Focus. Pay close attention.” How many times are these and other similar requests directed at children in the course of an academic year of learning? Yet the world in which they live “outside of school” rarely encourages or even permits single tasks to occur in such a linear progression. It’s been dubbed multi-tasking and children today do it as naturally as they click, drag, and work a cursor or roll a mouse! Children are techno natives while we mere immigrants do our best to keep pace with them, be they 4 or 14! LOL

The Wood Acres School has always encouraged the “real” multi-tasking skills as quite essential to a well rounded, impressive education. We are committed to teaching and learning, reading and writing, math and science, singing and dancing, laughing and playing, hugs and kisses, and even speaking bilingually in Spanish and English…at the same time! OMG!  

When it comes to your children and our students this year, may we stay committed to the singular tasks of listening, looking, and watching what they say and do. May they not have to compete with the multi-tasking of adult lives to gain our undivided attention. May we lead by example in a way that demonstrates how amazing and important each child is to us. TTFN 

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School


A New Approach To Conferences

A glance at the 2010-2011 school calendar finds the fall parent teacher conferences at an earlier time in the year. Instead of having conferences at the end of the first quarter of instruction, conferences for Kindergarten through 8th grade are planned to occur at the mid–point of the first quarter. These valuable September meetings will allow parents and teachers to focus on the student, not solely on the grades earned. It further allows closer collaboration sooner in a grading period when both compliments and plans for improvement can positively impact the rest of the nine weeks of learning.

These September conference dates work equally as well for parents of students in the Early School including the Two, Three & Four Year Old Programs. These conferences will be marked by close collaboration on the learning styles and talents of each unique Early School child. Parents hold a treasure of information that will help teachers unlock the many talents and abilities of our youngest learners.

“Getting to know you, getting to know all about you” is taking on a great significance this year as a renewed focus on close home school partnerships begins early in the school year for our families and The Wood Acres School.  


Tree House Club

The Tree House Club, the before and after school program, is an optional service for all enrolled students at The Wood Acres School. The Tree House Club offers supervised time for play, special activities and study time as well as enrichment tuition classes.

Hours of operation are 7:00am until class begins and continues after class dismissal until 6:00pm. Students must be in attendance in their academic program to use Tree House Club services.

The Tree House Club can be reserved through the school office. Reservations are required and are accepted based upon availability of staffing through 3:30pm the day prior. Cancellations are also accepted through 8:00am without penalty—cancellations after 8:00am for the same day will be charged a $10.00 fee.

Reservations for occasional Tree House Club can be made beginning in September. For permanent or fulltime reservations, please call the school office at (770) 971-1880 by August 11th!