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Wood Acres now an official school zone on Johnson Ferry Road

What a great gift our Cobb Board of Commissioners and Cobb Department of Transportation gave to our deserving school to kick off this year! Our School Zone flashers are working perfectly and, along with our school signage on Johnson Ferry Road, remind the commuters that a school zone is a time to slow down, be cautious, and celebrate learning in our community.

This is the perfect time to renew the new school year resolutions to safe driving and respectful driver etiquette on our campus. Slow down. Hang up that cell phone. Respect campus signs for a right turn for ALL once on campus, no parking, etc. Park in designated spaces. Never leave children unattended in a car. Students must be accompanied by an adult from the parking lot onto campus. Keep fire lanes clear. Respect staff directives as to your vehicle. Leave enough time for carpool each day. Safety first followed closely by respectful drivers. Remind spouses, nannies, relatives about this simple “rules of the road”, too.

Cheers! Here’s to a wonderful 2010-2011 academic year @ the Woods!


Celebrating Turner Hall's Second Anniversary

Turner Hall, dedicated on September 30th, 2007, is the home of Wood Acres’ Upper School, plus the Goro Art Gallery, Computer Lab, state-of-the-art “Beaker” science lab, and “The Stacks” library. September 30th marks the second anniversary of the dedication of Turner Hall.  What a glorious Sunday afternoon we enjoyed in 2007!  With over 600 guests, students, staff, and families in attendance we celebrated the $2.5+ million transformation of The Wood Acres School with cheers, tears, sentiment, song, patriotism, music, speeches, and ice cream!  That afternoon also marked the introduction of Navi, our school mascot, to Wood Acres students as hundreds of students cheered in surprise when tote bags filled with Navi’s appeared for each student and class to adopt.

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School Zone for The Wood Acres School

Through the continued efforts of Mrs. Thigpen and Mr. Craig Dowdy, Wood Acres will soon be designated as a school zone.  Although a traffic light is not likely in the near future, the school zone will help slow traffic down on Johnson Ferry Road, assisting our families in safely entering and exiting the campus.

Tremendous thanks go out to Mr. Dowdy as well as Mr. Sam Olens!


Magical Things are Happening at The Wood Acres School

Judy Thigpen, Head of School,
in front of newly built Turner Hall
Magical things are happening at The Wood Acres School in the heart of East Cobb! For over six years, Head of School Judy Thigpen has been working her magic transforming this private, non-sectarian school into an educational Field of Dreams. Following a successful career in public education in Cobb County, Judy brought her “renowned” gumball machine, a massive ABC book collection and her passion for quality teaching and learning to the Woods. She had an educational vision and an entrepreneurial spirit that if she built it, they would come…and they did!

A $2.6+ million dollar expansion and renovation plan for the 10-acre campus has recently been completed. The state of the art construction of Turner Hall added twelve additional classrooms and houses “The Beaker” science laboratory, “The Stacks” library, a dedicated music room equipped with an assortment of instruments including a beautiful grand piano, a wireless computer lab, and a spacious Spanish classroom. Expanded parking, new play fields and recreational equipment, and an outdoor learning amphitheatre are set amid beautifully landscaped surroundings.

While Judy has transformed the school into a modern educational showplace, The Wood Acres School has evolved into much more than just an attractive physical school facility offering academic programs that grow with your child. Sixty-five dynamic educators share Judy’s passion for a nurturing educational community for Early Childhood through 5th grade built upon mutual respect, trust and a shared vision for student learning. Indeed, Wood Acres’ high academic expectations, strong instructional leadership, and safe learning environment make it a viable and exciting suburban choice for discerning parents seeking an affordable and unique private school education for their children. Plans for future expansion include the addition of a 6th grade in 2008-2009 and the addition of 7th and 8th grades thereafter.

The Wood Acres School embraces a traditional yet exciting curriculum. Teaching is approached with a Jeffersonian spirit of developing an informed citizenry that will help perpetuate our democracy. State of the art teaching tools, combining the best of the old and new, are used to achieve this. Advanced curriculum based on national standards in the areas of reading and language arts, mathematics, history, geography, and science partner with music, art, physical education, computer technology, and foreign language instruction to present a 21st century student with a 21st century educational experience.

All this occurs in light filled classrooms with optimally small class sizes, teaching assistants in all programs and grades, as well as reading, writing and study skills coaches to facilitate the academic achievement of Wood Acres students. With annual standardized testing to affirm formal student achievement, the true measure of academic success at the Woods can be seen on the faces of resilient, eager and spirited children who revel in learning and excelling. “Learning is cool” at The Wood Acres School!

The Wood Acres family embraces the belief that “the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson was imagining a not-so-little independent school tucked away from the distractions of everyday life where children have the freedom to grow, learn, and enjoy being a child.

Note: This article was published in the October, 2007 edition of The East Cobber.