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2009-2010 Wood Acres Field Trips

What a start to the sixth graders’ Washington, DC trip in March of 2009! The field trip was by air, the hotel right on Capitol Hill, and within three hours of our arrival the students had seen President Obama, the Prime Minister of Ireland, and had a photo op with Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia. How could it get any better? Little did we know!

As dusk turned to night, the group met an outstanding private guide for a twilight tour of our nation’s capital. From the steps of the Capitol to the Washington and Jefferson Memorials, night fell quickly and the magic began.

The city became awash with lights as we moved from monument to monument, arriving at the Lincoln Memorial after 10 PM. We paid homage to this great president, read the inscriptions inside the Memorial, and stepped out onto the promenade to look out over the reflecting pond and this famous view.

Our guide stopped all of us and asked us to look down. It was then he began a story of his youth. He defied his mother that day, and rode his bike anyway into the heart of the city to the Memorial to hear a man talk to Americans about a dream. He listened intently and knew those words would somehow change his life.

Our guide then had each Wood Acres sixth grader stand on the spot where Dr. King stood and had them look out into the night sky. It was time for them to think about their own dreams. And that was only the first day of this spectacular trip! Talk about a Wood Acres education!

For 2010 our off-campus educational journeys will take Kindergartners to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, first graders to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, second graders to the William Harris Georgia Homestead, third graders to the Tennessee Aquarium, fourth graders overnight to Jekyll Island environmental studies, fifth graders overnight to Wesley Woods Outdoor Center, sixth graders to Washington, DC and the inaugural trip of seventh graders to the Disney Institute Youth Educational Studies Program in Orlando.

As we always say, it’s not just about school… it’s about an education. Join us in this journey!


On the Road...Wood Acres Style!

Field trips expand children’s learning beyond the walls of the classroom with the rich resources of the local community and the discovery of new places. The Wood Acres faculty carefully plans field trips to reinforce and expand the learning happening in the classroom. Some of the recent and upcoming field trips include:

  • Center for Puppetry Arts for Kindergartners who are touched by the creative stories and magic of the theatre
  • Zoo Atlanta for First Graders to learn about the many different animals of the world and where they live naturally
  • William Harris Homestead for Second Grade who walk in the footsteps of 19th century boys & girls to learn about life in a log cabin, farming, food & clothing production and life before, during and after the Civil War
  • Chattanooga Aquarium for Third Grade who take the “River Journey”, learning about great rivers of the world from the Amazon to the Yangtze
  • Jekyll Island 4-H Environmental Center where Fourth Graders & Fifth Graders connect with the coastal environment of Georgia, focusing on marine science and coastal ecology
  • Renaissance Fair for Fifth Graders to explore the wonders of another age
  • Washington, D.C. for Sixth Graders who see our democracy in action with visits to the White House, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill including visits to congressional leaders

This list offers only a few of the intriguing field trips that grade level Wood Acres students participate in each year. Research indicates that field trips increase knowledge and understanding of our world for students. These experiences cannot be duplicated in the classroom and bring a depth of knowledge for children.

Wood Acres is dedicated to experiential learning, both inside and outside the classroom, that inspires students to think critically and creatively in all aspects of their lives