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Kindergarten Field Day!

The kindergarten classes had an AWESOME time at their field day! The Blue Dolphins, Yellow Lions, and Green Gators all competed in field games and scooter races! It was a fantastic day for everyone!


Sandwiches for Must Ministries

Kindergarten students paired up with their 4th grade book buddies to make sandwiches for Must Ministries today! They had a super time and made over 700 sandwiches.


Learning Outside the Classroom

Grammar School students have been and continue to be busy learning inside and outside the classroom this year. Kindergarten visited the pumpkin patch, first grade picked apples at the orchard, second grade enjoyed sifting for gems at the Tellus Science museum, third grade just returned from a behind the scenes tour of the Atlanta Aquarium, fourth grade took their first overnight at the Tybee Island 4H center and fifth grade will head up to Wesley Woods after the holidays.


Johnny Appleseed Book Buddy Painting

Fifth grade students helped the first grade students celebrate Johnny Appleseed day today. The students paired up with their book buddies and headed out to the Quad to paint apples, create pictures, and enjoy the spectacular fall weather!


Grammar School Celebrates Constitution Day!

Grammar School students celebrated the annual Wood Acres Constitution Day all decked out in their finest red, white, and blue. Classes received their official building names, presented what the Constitution meant to them, and enjoyed a sweet treat with their classmates after the ceremony!


Cooking with Cass in Kindergarten

Some of the Kindergarten students met their first SuperKid on Friday. They made chef hats to look like Cass!


Behind the scenes at the Georgia Aquarium!

All third grade students took a behind the scenes field trip today to the Georgia Aquarium. They really enjoyed the touch tanks, the view from above the shark tank, and talking to the marine biologists that work at the aquarium.


Third Grade Living Museum

All third grade students dressed up as a famous historical character today and put on a Living History Museum for their families and other Grammar School students. Some of the famous characters included Amelia Earhart, Dr. Seuss, Jane Goodall, and Abraham Lincoln.


Science Spooktacular!

Grammar School students had a ball at the Science Spooktacular! They loved holding boo bubbles, extracting DNA from a pumpkin, creating vampire veins, playing the web of life game, touching a human brain, and watching the pumpkin chunkin’!


Evening Picnic on the Quad

Our Kindergarten classes enjoyed a family picnic on the campus quad last week. It was a fabulous evening for all.


Constitution Day Celebration

We the People…celebrated the 224th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States today!

The Wood Acres School was awash in red, white, and blue as hundreds of students and families came together on the campus Quad to Rally ‘round the Flag for this special occasion.

We retired our old colors and posted the bright new flag with a moving flag ceremony done by the Wheeler High School Jr. AFROTC under the leadership of Sgt. Love. The flag was flown over the US Capitol just for Wood Acres in honor of the new school year.

We cheered, we sang, we laughed, and we learned as a united school family…“We the People.” 

We were even visited by the 39 signers of the Constitution and enjoyed a surprise finale of a mini flash mob of enthusiastic students singing “Firework.”  

At the Wood Acres School we develop the habits of citizenship and pride in our country in word and in action, in song and in verse, in heart and in mind. And “We the People” had a wonderful time! Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue! Happy 224th birthday, Constitution!