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Welcome Back to the Woods!

It’s here… the start to the 2010-2011 school year @ the Woods!

Back to School - Welcome Back to the Woods! And we are full… full with 400 amazing students, new sneakers, backpacks and school clothes, reams of notebook paper and fresh curriculum, cases of tissues and liquid soap, every color of marker and crayon, sharpened pencils and sharpened minds. But will this be enough to carry our students through a successful academic year? The answer is simply “no”. If the answer is no, then what else could they possibly need?

Here’s your shopping list for the new year. Help us give our Wood Acres students daily doses of “vitamin “R”:

  • Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic
    Review and reinforce the basics at home, whether your child is 4 or 14!
  • Respect and Responsibility
    The Golden Rule is as important in 2010 as it was a century ago.
  • Rigor and Relevance
    Help us teach the best with the best by the best. Learning should be Velcro, not Teflon.
  • Roots to Grow and Wings to Soar
    Practice “high expectations” in word and deed.

Post it on the fridge, slip it into your pocket, and put it on your iPhone or Droid. It’s that important. It will only cost time and is already in your heart and mind.

On behalf of a talented faculty and staff of over 50 we warmly welcome you to the 2010-2011 school year at The Wood Acres School. For many hours each day Wood Acres is your child’s academic home. For the remainder of each day our children continue to learn and thrive in their homes and community. It’s obvious that we cannot fill our academic shopping cart without your daily help, staunch support, and enthusiasm for teaching and learning @ the Woods.

Thank you for sharing your children with us and thank you for giving them Wood Acres as their school. Happy New Year!


A note from the Woods... 

An affordable private school in this economy? It exists!

While The Wood Acres School has rightly touted itself as a private independent school with an outstanding accelerated curriculum, consistently high academic achievement, and an educational atmosphere where children truly soar, we have never really promoted the obvious… we are affordable! In fact, in the realm of private education in metropolitan Atlanta, Wood Acres is a downright bargain!

Yet there is nothing generic about our affordability! We use national standards against which we gauge our curriculum, our school is accredited with distinction, our staff is extraordinarily talented and dedicated, our annual budget is committed to student success and achievement, and our campus is just beautiful. We offer a full array of programs and activities outside the realm of the basics while never losing sight that The Wood Acres School is first and foremost a school where education is valued each and every day. Our student seats are filled with the children of college professors, business executives, entrepreneurs, educators, and dual working families that know how important a Wood Acres education can be for their children.

We are real world, in real time, and in real touch with what makes The Wood Acres School a 40 year success in an area where the public schools are “pretty” good and other private schools are available. We are so much more that a school. It is the value of a Wood Acres education that makes all the difference in the world- public or private!

How is Wood Acres helping families afford a superior private school education? While other schools are raising tuition to combat rising costs and shrinking enrollment, we froze our tuition rates! Tuition for the 2010-2011 school year is the same as the the 2009-2010 school year.

In challenging economic times when difficult decisions as to expenditures are discussed at the family table, The Wood Acres School continues to offer you a very viable alternative to compromising your child’s education in exchange for a balanced family budget. After all a Wood Acres education is just…priceless!

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School


Campus Health Update on Swine Flu

The outbreak of multiple cases of swine flu and the possibility of this illness reaching a pandemic level have everyone on alert, concerned, and searching for accurate information.  Wood Acres has been monitoring the situation from the very beginning and follows updates daily from Children’s Health Care of Atlanta’s website and the Centers for Disease Control website. The World Health Organization’s website has pertinent information with attention to both national and international outbreaks.  

Another local source is the Cobb and Douglas Counties Public Health Department website.  Your pediatrician and internist also serve as trusted sources for specific family concerns.  Knowledge is power in situations such as this and will prevent undue panic, while providing us with great tips on how to stay healthy.  I encourage each family to do just that.  Let’s make this a family priority. 

Your children’s health, safety, and security have always been our first concern at Wood Acres.  We will remain proactive in keeping you informed and current with any changes in the spread of this illness.

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Slow Down!

Please help us keep Wood Acres a safe place for your children.

  • Slow down immediately upon entering the campus.
  • Hang up your cell phone immediately onece on campus.
  • Obey ALL campus traffic signs.
  • Don’t take driving short cuts - even when no one is looking.
  • Respect all staff when given carpool and driving directions.
  • Pedestrians rule. Saying hello and goodbye takes time.
  • Buckle up… yourself and your children before leaving campus.
  • Children are at play everywhere. Keep your eyes sharp.
  • Turn off your engine one in car line. Car fumes stink.

Safety first.  Children first. Caring first. Families first. First things first!

Please share this with all family and friends who visit our campus or help with your student’s transportation.