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Congratulations from Senator Johnny Isakson on 40th Anniversary and International Spanish Academy

Johnny Isakson, Georgia
United States Senate
Washington, D.C.

October 16, 2009

Dear Friends:

It is with great pleasure that I send my heartfelt congratulations to all the students and staff of The Wood Acres School as you celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this unique educational facility. What a wonderful milestone this academy has reached as it is officially designated as an International Spanish Academy. I know everyone is proud of the many accomplishments which have been achieved since its inception forty years ago. The teachers and staff are to be commended for their dedication to academic excellence.

I am sorry I cannot be with all of you on this special occasion, but you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you celebrate this very special occasion.

With warmest personal regards,


Johnny Isakson

P.S. All my children attended Wood Acres School. It is the BEST! 

Wood Acres 6th Grade students with U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson in Washington, D.C.

U.S. Congressman Tom Price Celebrates Wood Acres' 40 Years of Educational Excellence

Tom Price, M.D.
6th District, Georgia

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives

Committee on Financial Services
Committee on Education and Labor
Republican Study Committee
Deputy Whip 

November 8, 2009

Dear Friends:

Please allow me to thank everyone in attendance today for your support of The Wood Acres School, and for being here to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary.

Since its founding in 1969, The Wood Acres School has been serving our community by providing the finest quality education to our children. They should be commended on the fact that they are able to provide a wonderful learning atmosphere for their students while still maintaining an intimate classroom setting. Our children truly are our most valuable resource, and it is encouraging to know that we have such an exceptional institution grooming the future leaders of our great nation.

Once again, I would like to congratulate The Wood Acres School, Judy Thigpen, and all of the faculty and staff for 40 years of service and what I know will be many more.

Yours truly,

Tom Price, M.D.
Member of Congress 


Wood Acres Celebrates 40th Birthday and International Spanish Academy Designation

Ceremony and tradition knit a school together as an educational family, and we were just that on a glorious Sunday afternoon, November 8, as we celebrated Wood Acres 40th birthday and our designation as an International Spanish Academy.

We celebrated with song and solemnity as we honored our veterans with a superior color guard ceremony by the Wheeler High School Air Force JROTC and a moving accapella rendition of “God Bless America” by our own talented music teacher, Ms. Sally Clement.

We celebrated with performance and personalities as both the Trotamundo Drama Club and the Wood Acres Chorale premiered their first performances for our hundreds of guests, families, alumni and friends of Wood Acres.

We celebrated with stirring words and commendations as Wood Acres was presented with our official ISA certificate from the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Consulate in the United States. 

We celebrated with cake, ice cream, balloons, and an old fashioned festival of games and prizes for the young and young at heart alike.  

We celebrated with smiles, hugs, and all the warmth that makes Wood Acres such an amazing place to gain an outstanding private, independent school education.

We celebrated… and these photos prove that we did it with style!  Thank you all for helping us make such great memories from our rich ceremonies and Wood Acres traditions!


It’s a birthday party & more!

The Wood Acres School will be celebrating our official designation as an International Spanish Academy (ISA) as well as our 40th year of teaching and learning on Sunday, November 8! All Wood Acres families are invited to join us from 3:00pm-5:00pm for festivities including the official signing for the International Spanish Academy, birthday cake, carnival games, and crafts for the students. 

It will be a fun filled afternoon for the entire family! Spread the word to Wood Acres alumni families too — everyone is invited to “come home”!


What does the International Spanish Academy mean for my Wood Acres student? 

The commitment to foreign language acquisition is nothing new for Wood Acres students with formal Spanish language instruction beginning in our Three Year Old Program. However, with our official designation as an International Spanish Academy (ISA), The Wood Acres School offers a truly bilingual learning environment where students will have both linguistic and multi-cultural competence in Spanish by the end of eighth grade.

This designation is truly an honor for Wood Acres and will bring tremendous advantages to our students including: 

  • Bilingual instruction will increase in frequency in core academic areas so that students will be able to apply their Spanish language skills and increase their comprehension skills.
  • Students will learn to effectively express themselves in Spanish both conversationally and in an academic setting.
  • Graduating Eight Graders will receive recognition of their work and efforts with an ISA diploma.
  • Wood Acres graduates of the ISA program who are Cobb County residents may apply for admission into the ninth grade ISA program available at Walton Charter High School. Information about admissions and qualifications can be obtained through the Walton High School ISA page.

A school for all seasons and all the right reasons…

With our fortieth anniversary on the horizon, Wood Acres is the epitome of old school meets new school. Our students have the best of both worlds, benefiting from the rich traditional education that Wood Acres has embraced over many decades while thoughtfully implementing effective modern instructional methods and curriculum. This combination continues to result in outstanding student achievement, strong parent satisfaction, and decades of successful graduates.

Wood Acres sets high expectations for student academic success and then provides the instruction and encouragement for each student to soar. While Wood Acres annually scores in the 90th percentile or above in all academic areas, the proof of educational excellence is in the “pudding”- Wood Acres’ students are recognized for their superb math and science skills, excellent creative writing, superior citizenship and much more wherever they go. Wood Acres is so much more than a school…it is all about a child’s education and the future that awaits each of them. Wood Acres succeeds for all the right reasons.

Another nexus of the old and new is Wood Acres’ successful quest to become an International Spanish Academy (ISA). Sponsored by the Spanish Consulate in Washington DC and the Spanish Educational Ministry in Spain, ISA schools earn this superior designation by offering students the best of a foreign language curriculum that flourishes in both the Spanish instructional program as well as in the content areas within each grade’s curriculum. Wood Acres has been awarded this official designation that will bring state-of-the-art resources to our Spanish program as well as allow our eighth grade graduates to tap into some phenomenal high school programs. We will be honored to travel to Rice University in Texas this fall to sign the accord and attend our first of many ISA Institutes.

The last forty years have been grand. We have had the honor and privilege of educating the future through 40 seasons of falling leaves and turning pages, falling snow and falling in love with learning, budding plants and budding scientists, as well as celebrating success at the end of each of these 40 seasons @ the Woods. The next forty years, along with Wood Acres students and the school community, will be an amazing adventure. Join us on this wonderful journey where parents, teachers and school work collaboratively to give our children all the best of the last forty years along with the exciting new prospects for the next forty years.


Wood Acres applying to become an International Spanish Academy

Wood Acres has received an official invitation from Spain!

Wood Acres has been officially invited to apply to become an International Spanish Academy by the government of Spain. The invitation is prestigious in and of itself, but the benefits to Wood Acres students could be extraordinary!

If we are honored with the designation, the sharing of curriculum, teachers and instructional techniques from Spain will benefit our students tremendously.  Wood Aces students are introduced to Spanish beginning in the Three Year Old  Program, are well versed in the language by the primary grades and are attaining fluency by middle school.

There are very few elementary schools who have received this honor, and Wood Acres is very proud!