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Annual Winter Band Concert / Chrome Ensemble

The Wood Acres Band students performed 2 concerts today for the entire Wood Acres student body.  The concert put everyone in a festive holiday spirit and everyone did an excellent job!



Thank you for giving to Foster Friends!

Dear Wood Acres families,

May your hearts be warmed during the holiday season. Truly it is a joy to give, and we are thankful for the beautiful gifts you gave to our drive for the Foster Care Support Foundation. These gifts will delight hundreds of foster children in our community.


As Fred Rogers said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”


As the Wood Acres community, may we continue to be among those who help!

Happy Holidays,


Mrs. Boyles & the Wood Acres Jr. Beta Club



Book Buddy Bulb Bash

The entire Wood Acres student body planted Spring flower bulbs with their book buddies on Friday! 



Sixth Grade Marine Lab - Key Largo, Florida 

Marine Lab sits among the protected marine communities of the Florida Keys and this habitat provides the perfect classroom for our sixth grade students each Fall. During their four day trip, students spend mornings and afternoons snorkeling in sea grass beds and around coral reef habitats. Marine ecology instructors help students identify flora and fauna, classify invertebrates, adaptions by the different organisms, and the overall interdependent ecological picture from the tiniest plankton to the top predator. Concepts are solidified through classes and labs each evening. What an AMAZING experience had by all!


Sixth Grade Marine Lab - Key Largo, Florida

All sixth grade students are enjoying a once in a lifetime STEM filled marine biology field trip in Key Largo, Florida. They have explored a lagoon, taken a class in sea grass ecology, and had an AMAZING invertebrate diversity lab. During the trip, they will continue to explore the sea grass beds, take a snorkel dive, explore a coral reef and take more exciting hands-on classes.


21 Age of Relevance - Career Day!

All Wood Acres students participated in an AMAZING career day yesterday! 21 Age of Relevance was a 21st century career fair that incorporated interesting and unusual jobs. The main goal for the fair was for students to see the relevance of their learning; how what they do in the classroom connects to the real world. Students rotated through exhibits that included meeting with Graphic Packaging International, College Football Hall of Fame, Radiance Solar, MARTA Police K-9 and Forensics Crime Scene Units, Shaw Contract Group, Bob Shelley Special Effects International, Georgia Aquarium, Dragon Army Video Games, Berry College Creative Technologies, KaMin Performance Minerals, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Cobb County Water System, The Best Bakery Around, Children’s Author Gail Goldberg, Kanchana Portraits, Post Oak Pediatric Dentistry, and Cobb County Fire and EMS Services.


Alumni visit to talk about high school choices

Several Wood Acres alumni stopped in today to talk to the 8th grade students about high school choices.  It was wonderful to see their smiling faces and hear about all their amazing new adventures!


“Houston, we have lift off!”

The 2015-2016 academic year for Wood Acres’ Kindergartners through 8th graders got wings on Sunday afternoon’s Meet & Greet when hundreds of students, families and friends met their teachers for the year, caught up with friends old and new, and enjoyed the time on this beautiful campus.  Early School students will follow suit next Sunday with their start on the following Monday.  We will soon all be in our places with sun-shiny faces!  We could not be more excited to welcome back our legacy families, give our new families a warm Wood Acres hello, and begin learning anew for another amazing year @ the Woods!


Eighth Grade Graduation at the Nature Center!

The eighth grade class graduated at the Chattahoochee Nature Center Ben Brady Lakeside Pavilion today. They gave memorable speeches, received numerous academic awards, and enjoyed celebrating the lovely graduation day with their families.


Field Day @ Fullers Park

Wood Acres 1st grade - 8th grade students had an AMAZING Field Day at Fullers Park. They were all decked out in their team colors and had lots of spirit! The games were exciting, thrilling, and everyone had a super time!


Sunscreen and the chemistry behind the science

Congratulations to the Wood Acres Phroneins, a group of 8th grade students! 

The Phroneins were 1 of only 100 exhibitors chosen to participate in the Atlanta Science Festival and they were the only middle school students selected.  Sponsored by the American Chemical Society, this group put in months of hard work and dedication.  The Phroneins spent their time at the festival helping others in the greater Atlanta community learn and appreciate the wonders of science!


The Countryside of Spain and Medieval Villages

Wood Acres 8th grade students traveled through El Campo, Spain today! They visited a medieval walled city and enjoyed chocolates and churros in a famous bullfighting café. Students have been touched by Spain and Spain has been touched by them.


School Days in Salamanca, Spain

School days in Salamanca are simply indescribable! Eighth grade Wood Acres students are formally learning in a state of the art computer lab at the same time they are seeing the sights from the 13th and 14th centuries. Tours have included cathedrals, ancient bell towers, and even an appointment to learn how to cook Spanish cuisine!


Don’t Get Burned By Sunscreen

The Wood Acres Phroneins, a group of eighth graders, were interested in finding out whether there is a large enough difference in sun protection factors (SPFs) to substantiate the increased cost of higher value SPFs. After establishing an elective group and getting funding from The American Chemical Society, they began their research. For the past five months, they have been working through the scientific method and are ready to present their findings in a fun, interactive format. As one of 100 selected exhibitors from the greater Atlanta area, the Phroneins will be shedding a little light on SPF values at The Atlanta Science Festival located in Centennial Park from 11:00-4:00 on Saturday, March 28th. Check them out at booth 32 in the Thrive section. They will be sandwiched between booths from Georgia Tech and Emory! For more information on The Atlanta Science Festival, please click on the link below. The Phroneins will be at Exploration Expo, a FREE, interactive science event. http://atlantasciencefestival.org/expo

Who: The Wood Acres School Phroneins

What: Don’t Get Burned By Sunscreen. Get enlightened by the Phroneins.

When: 11:00 - 4:00 on Saturday, March 28th

Where: Centennial Park (In case of severe weather, the event will relocate to Georgia World Congress Center.)

Why: Science rocks!


The Triumvirate of Democracy


Each year Wood Acres 7th graders spend some amazing days exploring the Triumvirate of Democracy in our nation’s capital as they experience all three branches of our government- legislative, executive, and judicial.  While the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Court, and Capitol tours amaze, the visit that touches both head and heart is the amazing visit Wood Acres students are afforded each year in the private offices of Congressman John Lewis of Georgia. 

One of the most senior representatives on Capitol Hill students are afforded a once-in-a-lifetime view from his office balcony looking over the Capitol and Houses of Congress.  But inside this memorabilia filled office enters a quiet, dignified, humble man who enthralls his guests with the unadorned story of his life from the segregated South through his formative years in college and by Dr. King’s side to the venerated and accomplished statesman that we are honored to meet.  While students can read volumes about the civil rights movement and participate in activities to enhance their understanding of freedom and equality throughout our country’s history, an afternoon spent with John Lewis brings it all into a perfectly articulated, deeply profound perspective.


December is upon us...

The Wood Acres campus has put on its late autumn and early winter colors to remind us that December is upon us.  We will put the finishing academic touches on the second quarter/first semester in time for the winter break so teaching and learning is alive and well right through this season of caring and sharing.  Caring and sharing is also front and center this month as the Beta Club members launched their annual drive to help outfit some very special foster children in Cobb County.  Through a wonderful collaboration with Foster Care Support Foundation, Wood Acres students and their families can make a meaningful impact on providing foster care families and children with apparel, back packs, books, stuffed animals, accessories and support. 

Our graduating class of 2015 is working diligently on their applications for high school, with options ranging from tradition high school to charter, magnet, private, and parochial opportunities.  Wood Acres graduates have an excellent reputation in all high school programs and our students soar both academically and socially upon graduating from Wood Acres.  We are also conducting scores of campus tours for prospective families keenly interested in our school for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Whew - action galore!

And in a wink and a blink, oh by gosh by golly, it will be time for some much deserved family holidays for everyone.  Here’s to the wonder of the season and time spent with those we love.


Thanksgiving @ the Woods!

While tradition runs deep at The Wood Acres School especially as we celebrate the All American holiday of Thanksgiving, learning never has to take a back seat to special events or feasting either!  Well-scaffolded into the season are emphases on history, cultures, philanthropy, mentoring, performing and visual arts, families, and even the science of cooking and feasting itself.  Memorable learning must be interwoven with multiple content areas as well as multiple senses to make it all “stick”.   And, of course, a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Celebrate with family and friends!


Johnny Appleseed Book Buddy Painting

Fifth grade students helped the first grade students celebrate Johnny Appleseed day today. The students paired up with their book buddies and headed out to the Quad to paint apples, create pictures, and enjoy the spectacular fall weather!


Constitution Day Celebration!

We love the USA! Wood Acres held its annual Constitution Day celebration today to honor the 227th signing of the United States Constitution. Honored guests, families, faculty, staff, and students gathered together in their finest red, white, and blue to commemorate this historic occasion. Students were an integral part of the festivities as they took the podium to recite the Preamble, discuss what the Constitution means to them individually, and to reflect on past, present, and future heroes. Teachers and students were also presented with plaques inscribed with the names of their respective buildings, which include notable signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Three cheers for the red, white, and blue!  What a grand day! 


Enterovirus 68 Update

Enterovirus 68 (D) has taken front and center stage on evening news cycles as this very nasty virus has sickened some really great kids to the point of needing hospitalization.  Wood Acres want to be certain our families are abreast of the latest news on this contagious condition, especially as it has affected children with asthma and related allergies in over 10 states, including Georgia. 

While we do not have any specific health updates from either the CDC or Children’s Health Care of Atlanta (CHOA) and DO NOT have any reported cases at Wood Acres, we wanted to be certain families are aware of symptoms and how to respond.  Of course, your best resource is your pediatrician or health care provider. 

As far as a school response, we are all over it!  Wood Acres has already contacted all our families with students having asthma related issues, since it most seriously affects them.  Our regular campus focus on hand washing, classroom cleaning, and careful monitoring for ill children will continue and hopefully keep us as healthy as we usually are.  Also our evening cleaning crews are taking extra precautions to be certain surfaces are well cleaned/germicidaled each night.  And based on our liquid soap purchases, we must be washing our hands every hour!   We also regularly monitor CHOA, CDC, and County Health Department sites for any and all updates or recommendations regarding all issues of health and safety for students. 

“Forewarned is forearmed” especially when it comes to the health of our Wood Acres students.  Here’s to a healthy autumn at home and at school!