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Get cozy. Learn with Upper School!

There is a chill in the air and a coziness inside the classrooms of Turner Hall. Our Upper School students are in a groove of their own and poised to take on challenges in the new semester.

Our most senior math students are graphing systems of linear inequalities and finding common solutions while our sixth graders are creating personal factor trees using numbers that are significant to students and families.

Upper School students continue to bring their study of science to life in our lab while working on various units including weathering and erosion, atmosphere and areas of high and low pressure. Note taking, discussion and experimentation lead our scientists to naturally analyze data and draw conclusions so frequently and easily that living the scientific life is second nature.

Teamwork, time management, and creativity come alive in our history classes where students not only learn content, but exercise important life skills. These were recently demonstrated in the creation and execution of different board games showcasing different periods in history.

Upper School students are always read, read, reading in and out of the classroom. Bringing literature to life through discussion, essays, and presentation are always a favorite! Toss in studies of grammar and vocabulary and you have a comprehensive English curriculum.

All students “travel” to Spain daily by mastering their Spanish through role plays in preparation for our eighth grade capstone trip to Spain. Our sixth and seventh graders prepare to take learning on the road later in this quarter as well to participate in Disney’s Youth Education Program in Orlando and to take the Triumvirate Tour of Democracy in Washington, D.C., respectfully.

Finally, with strength training and endurance under our belts, our PE focus turns to fencing! Students don necessary gear and under direction of professionals, learn the fundamentals of this sport.

Strong academics tossed in with student selected electives and time for students to make connections within our ever changing world is the cornerstone of a Wood Acres education.

Come in from the cold. Get cozy. Come inside and watch the learning happen.