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Enterovirus 68 Update

Enterovirus 68 (D) has taken front and center stage on evening news cycles as this very nasty virus has sickened some really great kids to the point of needing hospitalization.  Wood Acres want to be certain our families are abreast of the latest news on this contagious condition, especially as it has affected children with asthma and related allergies in over many states, including Georgia. 

While we do not have any specific health updates from either the CDC or Children’s Health Care of Atlanta (CHOA) and DO NOT have any reported cases at Wood Acres, we wanted to be certain families are aware of symptoms and how to respond.  Of course, your best resource is your pediatrician or health care provider. 

As far as a school response, we are all over it!  Wood Acres has already contacted all our families with students having asthma related issues, since it most seriously affects them.  Our regular campus focus on hand washing, classroom cleaning, and careful monitoring for ill children will continue and hopefully keep us as healthy as we usually are.  Also our evening cleaning crews are taking extra precautions to be certain surfaces are well cleaned/germicidaled each night.  And based on our liquid soap purchases, we must be washing our hands every hour!   We also regularly monitor CHOA, CDC, and County Health Department sites for any and all updates or recommendations regarding all issues of health and safety for students. 

“Forewarned is forearmed” especially when it comes to the health of our Wood Acres students.  Here’s to a healthy autumn at home and at school!


Safety, Security, & 2014-15 @ the Woods

Campus safety and security have always been our top priorities at the Woods and maintaining that safe welcoming environment on a daily basis has us reminding everyone about some important rules to rein in a few bad habits and practices.  Although these rules are stated in the negative, compliance with them will result in so many positives!  Thank you for embracing this mindset now and throughout the school year!

  • No pets on campus- before, during or after school
  • No active games or sports on the campus Quad before school or after dismissal
  • No unattended children anywhere on the campus before school begins each day or after dismissal
  • No screaming or shouting on campus Quad at any time during or after school
  • No cell phone use while in a moving vehicle or in an active carpool line
  • No extended idling of cars in carpool line
  • No returning to a classroom or building after dismissal without an adult
  • No unattended students in the parking lot
  • No children unattended in a vehicle- even for a minute
  • No children crossing crosswalk areas alone
  • No unattended cars with motors running
  • No unattended cars in front of buildings or in fire lanes
  • No children in moving vehicles without proper child restraints
  • No children standing or crawling in a moving vehicle
  • No speeding- ever ever ever.  SLOW DOWN!
  • No impatience, rudeness, or disrespect to those enforcing these rules
  • No violations, no problems, no worries!  Well done!

The reasoning behind each of these “No’s” is campus order, safety, and security.  By adults modeling rule compliance, children will naturally follow suit. Children watch more often than they listen.  Our campus officers, staff, and administration support these efforts on a daily basis throughout the school day.  Although your child might have completed his/her school day, classes are actively occurring until 3:30 PM or our Tree House little ones are napping.  Help us honor our programs and campus rules. 

Thank you so much for discussing these rules with all adults who might come to campus or provide transportation for your child.  Discuss applicable rules with your child, too.  Thank you for helping us keep our school safe, secure, and conducive to teaching and learning. Our campus security team will be on the watch.  Let this be the best year yet for putting these words into action!

Always Be Cautious. Always Be Careful.
Always Be Considerate. Always Be Calm & patient.


Safety First... And Last... And in the Middle, Too!

Some things never change. School is always about ABC’s and 123’s. The ABC’s and 123’s also fit for safety on campus. While entering and exiting campus onto Johnson Ferry Road has greatly improved due to our School Zone status, a more pressing concern is now on campus.  Individual parents and carpool providers’ lack of courtesy and respect for other drivers provide us with weekly examples of how not to proceed safely and couteously while driving on campus.  And since 98% of our families are wonderful in these areas, it makes the infractions of a few who believe they are above safety compliance really stand out.

Always Be Cautious. Always Be Careful.
Always Be Considerate. Always Be Calm & patient.

The mandate for all Wood Acres families and anyone who transports your child is a commitment to these ABC’s and 123’s of campus carpool safety:

  1. Cell phone usage is not permitted while driving on campus.
  2. Use the designated carpool areas and always walk your children to their classrooms if carpool line is not used.
  3. Do not drive into oncoming lanes or pass inappropriately. 

It really is that simple! Treat others with the consideration you wish to model for your children. Children watch and learn much more than they listen. Thank you for taking every opportunity to make the Wood Acres School campus safe for teaching and learning.


Wood Acres now an official school zone on Johnson Ferry Road

What a great gift our Cobb Board of Commissioners and Cobb Department of Transportation gave to our deserving school to kick off this year! Our School Zone flashers are working perfectly and, along with our school signage on Johnson Ferry Road, remind the commuters that a school zone is a time to slow down, be cautious, and celebrate learning in our community.

This is the perfect time to renew the new school year resolutions to safe driving and respectful driver etiquette on our campus. Slow down. Hang up that cell phone. Respect campus signs for a right turn for ALL once on campus, no parking, etc. Park in designated spaces. Never leave children unattended in a car. Students must be accompanied by an adult from the parking lot onto campus. Keep fire lanes clear. Respect staff directives as to your vehicle. Leave enough time for carpool each day. Safety first followed closely by respectful drivers. Remind spouses, nannies, relatives about this simple “rules of the road”, too.

Cheers! Here’s to a wonderful 2010-2011 academic year @ the Woods!


Inclement Weather Procedure

In the event of “frightful” weather that necessitates school closing early on a given day or school being cancelled, Wood Acres traditionally will follow Cobb County Public School closings and/or early dismissal arrangements for inclement weather.  Figuring out if the weather is severe enough to warrant a change in the school day has never been an exact science.  Decisions will be made based on available weather information and what is in the best safety interests for our students, their families, and our staff.  

We will always err on the side of safety, so what might have been a dangerous driving condition could always disappear. Thank you for understanding our decisions and supporting them. 

Wood Acres is registered with the major television stations and they will run our closings as they do with other public and private schools, so watch for our name on the screen as closings are posted.  Most stations now also maintain a school closing list on their websites.  Wood Acres will also send out a school email announcing the closing, so be certain to keep your email address is current with the school office.  We will also put school closing information on the school answering machine and on our wonderful website.  Now that’s what we call four-way communication!

When school cannot be in session due to inclement weather, our before school and after school Tree House program will also be cancelled.  Families who might need this service during bad weather should make alternate plans.  As we do not want our precious cargo on icy roads, neither do I want our talented staff driving in less than favorable conditions.

So, if “the weather outside is frightful”, this information should assist you in gathering your family where “the fire is so delightful”!


Fourth Graders Complete Fire Safety Unit

Our fourth grade students just received their Certificates of Merit for completing a fire safety unit in conjunction with the Cobb County Fire Department.

As a culminating event, the children visited Cobb County’s new Safety Village.  At the Safety Village, the children participated in real-life simulations of actual home emergencies.  They escaped a burning family room and crawled down a ladder to escape a fire from an upstairs bedroom!  They also learned about fire and water safety, practiced a few defensive moves if they encounter a not-so-nice stranger, and reviewed some very important bicycle safety moves.

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Our fourth graders are now safety experts, thanks to our Cobb County firefighters!


First Savvy Parent Session - Internet & Cyber Safety

We have set the date for our first Wood Acres Savvy Parent session on Tuesday, November 10th at 10am and 6:30pm. Our topic will be timely and serious - Internet and Cyber Safety: What are the 3 behaviors that put your child at most risk for online victimization?

We will host both a morning and evening session so not one family has to miss this outstanding opportunity right on our own campus.

The workshop will identify the real risks that youth face from various digital technologies (based on research rather than the media) and empower parents with the tools they need to “parent in the digital world.” Topics include: 

  • The digital divide between youth and adults
  • Teens and Technology
  • Behaviors that put youth at risk online including sexting
  • Protecting your online reputation
  • Cyber Bullying – what’s the big deal?

Our presenter, Dr. Patricia W. Agatston, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Prevention Specialist with the Cobb County School District’s Prevention/Intervention Center in Marietta, Georgia. A founding board member for SafePath Children’s Advocacy Center in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Agatston received the Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention’s VIP Award in 2005.

Dr. Agatston is co-author of the book, Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age with Robin Kowalski, Ph.D., and Susan Limber, Ph.D. that was recently published by Wiley - Blackwell Publishers. She is also co-author of the Cyber Bullying Curriculum for Grades 6–12 and the Cyber Bullying Prevention Curriculum for Grades 3-5.

Dr. Agatston is a nationally certified trainer and technical assistance consultant for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. She has been quoted in articles on cyber bullying in The Washington Post, and Time Magazine, and has appeared on local and national radio and television to discuss cyber bullying and other youth online high risk behavior. She was a participant in the CDC’s Expert Panel on Electronic Media and Youth Violence, and has presented nationally and internationally on cyber bullying.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Agatston come to our campus. Look for more details later on the site. 


Campus Health Update on Swine Flu

The outbreak of multiple cases of swine flu and the possibility of this illness reaching a pandemic level have everyone on alert, concerned, and searching for accurate information.  Wood Acres has been monitoring the situation from the very beginning and follows updates daily from Children’s Health Care of Atlanta’s website and the Centers for Disease Control website. The World Health Organization’s website has pertinent information with attention to both national and international outbreaks.  

Another local source is the Cobb and Douglas Counties Public Health Department website.  Your pediatrician and internist also serve as trusted sources for specific family concerns.  Knowledge is power in situations such as this and will prevent undue panic, while providing us with great tips on how to stay healthy.  I encourage each family to do just that.  Let’s make this a family priority. 

Your children’s health, safety, and security have always been our first concern at Wood Acres.  We will remain proactive in keeping you informed and current with any changes in the spread of this illness.

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Slow Down!

Please help us keep Wood Acres a safe place for your children.

  • Slow down immediately upon entering the campus.
  • Hang up your cell phone immediately onece on campus.
  • Obey ALL campus traffic signs.
  • Don’t take driving short cuts - even when no one is looking.
  • Respect all staff when given carpool and driving directions.
  • Pedestrians rule. Saying hello and goodbye takes time.
  • Buckle up… yourself and your children before leaving campus.
  • Children are at play everywhere. Keep your eyes sharp.
  • Turn off your engine one in car line. Car fumes stink.

Safety first.  Children first. Caring first. Families first. First things first!

Please share this with all family and friends who visit our campus or help with your student’s transportation.


School Zone for The Wood Acres School

Through the continued efforts of Mrs. Thigpen and Mr. Craig Dowdy, Wood Acres will soon be designated as a school zone.  Although a traffic light is not likely in the near future, the school zone will help slow traffic down on Johnson Ferry Road, assisting our families in safely entering and exiting the campus.

Tremendous thanks go out to Mr. Dowdy as well as Mr. Sam Olens!