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A Note from the Woods... 

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

This wonderful adage is amazingly appropriate for Wood Acres. As we welcome and embrace our new status as an International Spanish Academy which will bring so many new resources to our Spanish program, the faculty brims with excitement but has always been committed to the cross-curricular support for this tremendous program.

Likewise, we are thrilled to that our new website provides greater access to information for our parents, but it will never replace that which truly distinguishes Wood Acres…the daily interaction of our faculty with students and parents. Even with our dedication to constantly improving our programming and curriculum, the core of this special school stays the same.

Parents, students and teachers alike have always noted the special feel that Wood Acres has. When you walk on campus, there is a feeling of connection that calls to the hearts of all the people , big and small, of this wonderful school community. So even with our terrific new Spanish status, a wonderful virtual update of the website, new curriculum that arrives each year, it is the connection between you, your child and this school that remains wonderfully the same.

Here’s to another year of extraordinary learning here in the woods!

Judy T. ThigpenHead of School