A New Year...A Fresh Clean Start!
Friday, December 16, 2016
The Wood Acres School

This new year like all others before brings us the most expensive gift of all… time!  525,600 minutes have been unwrapped for us to use to our best advantage or wasted during the coming year.  Remember that we “spend” time and “waste” it - those are our words.  But with this new year, comes wonderful possibilities and opportunities to do good, be good, and think good.  Let us all spend time with a child, a friend, and an elderly person.  Let us spend our time lavishly on reading, writing, and learning more.  As Michelangelo stated, “I am still learning”.  Let us hoard time to be with friends and family.  Let us give our time to worthy projects and thoughtful charities.  Let us bank those minutes we might waste so that we can withdraw them when we desperately need them.  Let’s resurrect wearing an old fashioned watch with a face and look at it often to remind us of how the day ticks away hour by hour.

No more time reading my ramblings!  Everything good has been said in a cartoon…


Judy Thigpen

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