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Wednesday, March 23, 2016
The Wood Acres School

How grand to welcome them back to campus as the weather warms and the layers of winter give way to the lighter clothes of spring and oncoming summer.  (Truth be told, many of our Upper School guys seem to embrace shorts no matter what the temperature is outside!)  The Wood Acres campus is blooming as the hundreds of bulbs students and their book buddies planted in early November are showing their palette of vibrant colors.  Students are blooming, too!  All of a sudden they seem taller, leaner, and more mature.  With three quarters of this academic year under their belts (if kiddos actually wore belts), all eyes are focused on Field Day 2016, 8th grade graduation, and seasonal celebrations of life and learning @ the Woods.  How exciting and wonderful for all. 

Enjoy these longer days of sunlight and warming temperatures outside as much as possible.  The Adventure to Fitness website listed 5 important tips now that spring is here.  They are tried and true recommendations but serve as easy reminders for families to make this delightful time of year safe and happy for our children.  Here’s to all that this new season has to offer on campus and off!


Judy Thigpen


Spring has finally arrived! It’s time to open those windows and get the kids outside!  But you’re not out of the woods just yet.  Below are 5 important tips to helping your kids stay healthy AND safe:

1. Sun Safety - the warm sun feels great after being stuck inside all winter.  But it’s important to keep that sensitive skin safe.  Always wear sunscreen or some other type of cover up, even on cloudy days.  Making a barrier between the skin and sun can help reduce the risk for skin cancer.

2. Road Safety - with kids outside playing and running around, take extra precautions when driving through neighborhoods.  You never know if a child might come running out into the road after a ball or chasing a friend.  And always talk to your kids about being extra cautious at home and at school, too!

3. Allergies - Kids have allergies just as severe as adults.  Up to 40 percent of kids in the US suffer from seasonal allergies and can be developed at anytime. Keep an eye on your kids, especially if they get a runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat or repetitive sneezing.  Many remedies are available to help alleviate allergy discomfort as well as staying indoors just a few more days until the pollen levels subside a little more.  

4. Insect Bites - Many of our tiny friends will be coming out of a long winter’s nap, but unfortunately, some of these insects can sting and bite.  The most concerning types of encounters include spider bites, tick bites, and bee stings.  Just keep a close eye on your child or student in case of an allergic reaction.

5. Storm Safety - Spring weather is always unpredictable due to extreme temperature changes causing thunderstorms which bring lightning and flooding.  Lightning can strike miles away from the actual storm, so just because your weather may seem fair, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk.  And as soon as you hear any rumblings of thunder, head indoors immediately!

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