My Favorite Three Little Words
Thursday, August 18, 2016
The Wood Acres School

I love you.

What power these three words hold for a child… and an adult for that matter!  At Wood Acres I love you can also be verbalized as I respect you, I see you, I know you, I am proud of you, and I am here for you.  Those words provide the underpinning for students to feel safe, take risks, try hard, and soar with their learning.

I can read.

When those powerful words are uttered by a child, the doors of learning are flung wide open and opportunities abound for meaningful and memorable learning.  At Wood Acres I can read can also be verbalized as I can tie my shoes, I can figure this out, I can try, I can do it, I can reach for the stars. 

We the People…

In this election year the cynics are having a field day and the Eeyores of the world are equally as busy bemoaning the demise of everything from our freedoms to access to parking spaces.  As The Wood Acres School gathers on the morning of September 15 to celebrate again the birthday of the United States Constitution and its signing, we would do well to remember that democracy from its very inception was a messy, raucous, angry, frustrating, slow, and painful process and those traits certainly continue today.  “We the People” at Wood Acres means that we matter, that tradition and ceremony matter, that learning matters, that kindness matters, that our school community matters and that we ALL make a difference!

Happy New Year!

Three last words sum up the start of another outstanding school year @ the Woods!  Thank you for choosing The Wood Acres School for your children’s education.  It is our professional pleasure and honor to provide each child roots to grow and wings to soar.  Let the flight begin!

Judy Thigpen 



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