March Madness, March Winds, March On...
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
The Wood Acres School

The word “March” just indicates movement, motion, momentum.  That is precisely what the marvelous month of March is @ the Woods.  We have momentum behind our teaching and learning, movement all over campus as gentler weather welcomes us back outdoors on our beautiful campus, and the winds of the month to lift our spirits and sprout wings to fly to Washington DC and Salamanca, Spain for two field trips of a lifetime.  March IS the month!

Field trips take on new meaning for Upper School students

While the Early School students can’t wait until they get to Kindergarten to begin the cherished rite of off campus field trips, third graders also yearn for 4th grade right through 8th to begin the Wood Acres tradition of overnight field trips to some amazing locales! 

Wood Acres 6th graders got their “wings” as they flew to the Marine Lab School in the Florida Keys in late October.  Students prepped with snorkeling lessons as they then enjoyed daily rides on catamarans into the surf to dive and explore the superior plant and mammal life that these waters offer.  Three nights and four days made this trip memorable and meaningful. 

Fourth graders don muck boots and sun screen as they venture into the ecology of Georgia’s beautiful coastal regions at the Burton Center for two grand nights and three days of exploration, water study, and great class fun on Jekyll Island. 

Fifth graders head to the mountains north of Atlanta in later March and cross the state line as they venture to Wesley Woods Nature Conservancy near Gaitlinburg, Tennessee.  Ecological studies, camp fires, and daily adventures make this trip quite awesome for the two nights and three days away from campus. 

Seventh graders head north to visit the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, as they explore the Capitol, the monuments by twilight, the White House, Pentagon, Supreme Court, both sides of Congress, and the offices of multiple Congressmen and Senators.  The trip, The Triumvirate of Democracy, affords students an unparalleled behind the scenes look at our form of government and its three branches. Three nights and four packed days further Wood Acres students’ quest to become informed citizens of our democracy.

¡Olé! Spain is the destination of 8th graders as they anticipate their May graduation with a capstone trip to Salamanca, university study there, and visits to many other world renowned cities in this amazing country.  This 9 night 10 day international journey immerses students and parents who wish to join us in the language and culture of Spain.  Wood Acres gives “capstone” a whole new meaning with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!


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