Puddles and Reflections 

There is a spot on the driveway near the school office that fills with water each rainfall and creates a beautiful reflection of our stunning campus at any time of year.  While spring provides many opportunities for the puddle to be full, I love to see what is reflected in it after each rainfall.  This week was no exception.

To see the reflection clearly, one must be still and patient.  The wind, too, must be still and the trees quiet to see this fleeting work of natural art.  Such a grand metaphor for what we do @ the Woods each and every day.  And these last weeks of school are the perfect times to reflect on what our students, staff, and families have accomplished this year.  For all too fleeting is a school year and soon the reflection will be gone.

Our students have grown in inches and pounds, in neurons and brain growth, in caring and sharing.  They have learned so much in such a brief amount of time- a year’s growth in learning in just 180 days on campus!  Oh my!  Our staff has been an engaged and engaging partner in each of those days and with each of those students.  They have grown in curriculum knowledge, teaching strategies, and patience for the actual learning process.  Our Wood Acres families have awakened sleepy heads, packed lunches, monitored homework, and cheered on both students and staff to partner for a successful year.  And all this is reflected in the bright eyes, the keen minds, and the kind hearts of our students.  What a beautiful reflection indeed. 

We just need to remind ourselves to be still and patient and watchful to see this fleeting transformation happen year after year.  For soon the sun will dry the puddle, our eighth graders will graduate and we will be noisily looking forward to summer vacation and “school’s out for summer”!  But the puddle will again quietly fill and invite us to reflect on the Woods and its continuing journey soon.

Here’s to celebration, graduation… and reflection.  Join me at the puddle after the next rainfall.  It’s a date!


Judy Thigpen

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