Children are natural explorers of their environment from the Early School through the Upper School. The Wood Acres Science programs engage young minds with tactile lessons about their world. A hands-on, experiment based spiral science curriculum is centered on grade appropriate units of study that include physical science, life science, earth science, and the human body.

With quality laboratory based instructional materials, studentscontinually explore, observe, and heighten their awareness of the world around them. The teachers at The Wood Acres School encourage critical thinking across the curriculum by linking both Science and Social Studies to the concepts learned in Reading and Mathematics.

The Wood Acres School’s groundbreaking science curriculum for Kindergarten through the Upper School was developed through research and collaboration among experts at Penn State University, Hershey Medical School and LabLearner. Taught through integrated CELLS (Core Experience Learning LabS), the curriculum modules provide in-depth study of concepts and an experimental approach to learning. The science-math connection is strong throughout the program and provides students with the tools to become independent researchers with problem-based projects.