STEM/STEAM @ the Woods is…
a philosophy of teaching that encourages and supports creativity and innovation in K-8 students.

STEM schools provide challenging, student-centered, inquiry-based experiences for students.  Students should integrate skills from different subject areas in order to solve real world problems.

S = Science   T = Technology   E = Engineering   A= Arts   M = Math

STEM/STEAM education is designed to prepare students as responsible citizens for success in the real world, college, and work experiences.

No matter what the career path, STEAM teaches students how to problem solve, think creatively, collaborate with others to come up with solutions, and communicate with one another.

STEAM education is a direct response to the knowledge that our future will be built on 
technological leadership, innovative thinking, and critical problem solving.

STEAM schools better prepare their students for their role in a global environment where they will be better equipped to compete for jobs, ideas, etc.

STEAM education is one of many keys to help unlock a child’s future.

Check out some STEM projects going on in third grade this year!

Check out some STEAM projects going on in second and third grade last year!

Check out some more STEAM projects going on in second and third grade last year!

Check out some STEAM projects going on in seventh and eighth grade last year!

A STEAM enhanced education unleashes the potential and creativity of students as well as giving them the skills they need in order to develop revolutionary ways of thinking and problem solving.  These same students must also be firmed adept and grounded in basic math and science principles.

STEM/STEAM is not…   

STEM is not only for those students and teachers interested in math, science, engineering and technology.

STEM approaches help all students develop and apply an essential set of skills through a diverse and rigorous curriculum.  These skills can be used in all fields, not just those specific to STEM.

STEM is not a book, curriculum, workbook, class, or “thing”.

STEM is a philosophy of education.  It is not the “What” of the curriculum; it is actually the “how”.

STEM is not “one size fits all”.

Each school must develop its own STEM integrated approach in order to fit the needs of its students.  It is a highly personalized form of education and should reflect the premise and guiding beliefs of the school.

STEM & STEAM enhanced teaching…

Embraces creativity, logic, critical thinking, higher order thinking, divergent thinking, cooperative work! 

STEM and STEAM projects and activities can be wonderfully messy works-in-progress, especially as students progress in critical thinking and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills). 

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