Upper School

Wood Acres purposefully does not refer to grades six, seven, and eight as Middle School or include fifth grade in the Grammar School. Fifth grade serves as a transition into the Upper School as students apply their Grammar School skills to the challenges of learning that has less to do with the right answers than it does with asking the right questions and voraciously seeking as much knowledge as possible in core subjects.

Wood Acres faculty bristles at the notion that students in these grades need volumes of rules to control them physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Our Upper School program is firmly rooted in the premise that the very personality traits of these learners- challenge emotionality, defiance, and questioning serve positive roles in a child’s education.

Do not let this give one the impression that we do not hold the highest deportment standards for these young leaders. Wood Acres graduates will practice philanthropy, fairness, academic integrity, and a strong work ethic in their continuing educational journey.