Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and welcome to this unique school called Wood Acres.  It is my second home, my joy, and the place I come everyday with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  As a teacher for many years in many different states and settings, once I found Wood Acres, I knew this was the place for me.

I was born in New York, and my husband and I relocated to East Cobb in 2000 where we were anxious to put down roots and stay awhile.  After an interview with our Head of School, Judy Thigpen, I quickly realized I wanted to teach and learn along her side, under her tutelage.  Her passion was inspiring, her creativity boundless, her extraordinary way of looking at teaching, learning, and education was unique and intriguing.  I was professionally eager to learn and grow as I reflect on my early years as a teacher, and every day since then and I have had the honor to work with her now as my role as principal.

The Wood Acres School has a heart. Its beautiful beat is strong and steady in this community of children of all ages, teachers, and parents who care deeply about this amazing place. The joy, wonder, and magic is palpable if you just look around our campus and take note of all the ah-ha moments whether large or small.

A Wood Acres education is decidedly different. In a world filled with a lot of noise and uncertainty, we hold a few things dear that have guided us for almost fifty years. Children always come first. All children deserve a superior, thoughtful, and rigorous curriculum. If it is good for children, let’s do it. Prepare each child for the path rather than the path for the child. Character counts. These are simple ideas, but for us at Wood Acres, they are everything.

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