Dear Wood Acres Families

Soggy rainy weather did not dampen our spirits or fun yesterday as we celebrated the Ultimate Play Day on campus. Play is a vital part of the spark of creativity in each of us. That is why play is a valuable skill that we often forget how to do as adults. Your homework for the coming holidays is a daily dose of play – inside and outside, with family and friends, with games, puzzles and challenges. Adults need recess and play days, too!

As we informed you several months ago, the property that borders our campus on Johnson Ferry Road and Bishop Lake Road will be developed into high quality “55+ Adult Community” gated cluster homes by St. Clair Holdings. The orange silt fencing is going up and land disturbance will begin soon. We have met multiple times with Patrick Clark, the developer and East Cobb resident. His adult son attended Wood Acres! We feel that he understands that he will be working around a very special campus filled daily with amazing students and staff. The setbacks and property walls for the project reflect his commitment to that. While the land will begin to look stark as ground clearing and digging begins, the end product will actually enhance our campus. Please stop by the Newbery Room of The Stacks in the main office to see a rendering of the final project as well as a site map. Jenny Tischer is our point person on campus for this project and she is most happy to speak with you about it and answer any questions.

Now back to play and an early greeting of well wishes for a family and friend filled Thanksgiving full of food, fun, and yes…PLAY! We are so thankful for each and every one of our Wood Acres families. We are blessed indeed and this is the perfect time to be ever so thankful!

Judy Thigpen

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