The Joy of Learning

Dear Parents,

Welcome to this page that will help keep you informed about our third grade class.
Each month I will focus on a particular topic as it relates to education. With the festivities in the month of December, I want to focus on joy!

There is so much joy at Wood Acres. One can sense the joy of our students the moment they walk on campus. There is so much joy in each classroom. True joy is learning a new skill, completing a project, working hard to complete an assignment, feeling pride in work neatly completed, and being a kind friend. Joy spreads as each student achieves daily success, and joy is meant to be shared with others. I love seeing the joy of wonder in each child as they make a new discovery, and they progress in their learning. It is such a privilege to be a teacher in the midst of our community.

I hope all of you have a joy filled holiday and winter break!


Save the Date:
Thurs., Dec. 14th: Annual Wood Acres Band Concert at 6:30 pm.
Wed., Dec. 20th: Third Grade Holiday Party
Thurs., Dec. 22nd: Early Dismissal
Fri., Dec. 22nd-Tues., Jan. 2nd: Winter Holiday Break

Important Notes:
Third Grade Holiday Party: Please sign up to help out with our Holiday Party. Stacey Jones sent out a sign up via email to make signing up easier during this busy time of year. The festivities begin at 1:00, and all parents are welcome to join us in the fun. Students will need to bring in a wrapped, gender neutral gift around $10 for a gift exchange.

Book Report: Mystery sandwich book report is due Dec. 13th. There is an example in the commons area of the Madison Building.

What’s Going on in our Classroom:

Reading: Stop by next week and take a look at our full book summaries of Mr. Popper’s Penguins outside our classroom door. We will be reading, “Young Thomas Edison” next week from our reading textbook. (Pages 359-383) Open book comprehension test on Friday. We will also continue working on main idea and supporting details using Time For Kids.

Spelling: Words include: brain, nervous system, organ, spinal cord, bones, joints, muscle, muscular system, skeletal system, respiratory system, exhale, inhale, lungs, oxygen, bronchi, trachea, function, nutrition, health, and human body Homework due Friday.Test on Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit 10 words include: actual, brink, chill, conquer, fortunate, fury, intend, pattern, vibrant, and wit. Test on Friday.

Writing: Next week students will be writing a special letter as a gift. We will review letter writing. Students will type their final copies in the computer lab.

Math: We have begun multiplying large digit numbers, and will continue to work on problem solving. Please help your child memorize their multiplication and division facts. This makes a huge difference in your child’s confidence and ability to work effectively.

Grammar: Test on verbs next week.

History: Our Viking unit continues! A longship extra credit opportunity was introduced Friday and will be due on Wednesday, December 20 if students choose to complete it. It is worth up to 10 extra points on a quiz or test this quarter. Look for the instructions paper in your child’s homework folder.

Science: Test on the nervous system on Fri., Dec. 15th. Study guide will go home at the end of this week.

As always, if you have any questions please contact me.

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