Room with a View…

Welcome to Upper School English Studies, the room with the best view! As I sit here and type this, our 6th grade students are busy working on their newest writings… pretending that they work for Reindeer Realty, located in the frigid North Pole. Their goal is to create a flyer that will entice buyers to come and purchase their house, based on their vivid and descriptive writing. They are having a blast!
In 7th grade, we are writing a narrative about our best Holiday memory. The children are having fun sharing and recalling some of their best family holiday traditions.
And to top it off, 8th grade just finished reading “The Gift of the Magi”; truly one of the greatest holiday stories to date! The themes of love and sacrifice help with the true meaning of the holiday spirit!

I welcome you all to stop by any time and visit our mindful classroom. Most times you will find soothing sounds playing in the background while the students are hard at work. You may even spot some students taking a brain break by playing in the zen gardens or mulling over puzzle pieces!

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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