5th Grade Weekly Update Week of Dec 18th

Math: We will spend our time this week reviewing all the skills we have learned thus far throughout the year. Students will also explore the relationship between fractions, decimals, and percents within a fun holiday themed lesson that incorporates candy canes! When we return from our winter break, we will dive into multiplying fractions! Please remember that problem-solving packet is due Monday. Students were given additional time this week to complete it due to our snow day and the band concert.

Science: This week, we will wrap up Investigation Two and begin Investigation Three. During Investigation Three, students begin to investigate the force of friction. Students first learn about normal contact forces in order to provide a context for discovering friction. Students then investigate the effect of an object interacting with three different surface types. Through multiple trials, students measure the distance an object travels on these three surfaces. Students draw conclusions regarding the type of surfaces that provide the most and the least degree of frictional force.

Last week, students received a handout describing an extra credit project that students may choose to participate in. If your child would like to participate, please let me know by Monday.

ELA: In grammar this week, we are continuing to review unit three. A little more practice was needed because it was such a long unit. During English/Language Arts we will be practicing our Reader’s Theater for our Book Buddies Thursday morning. We will also create a beautiful background for our production. No matter how old you are, practicing reading out loud is beneficial!

History: This week, we will view some primary resources to gain a better understanding of life in the encampments during the Civil War’s winter months. We will also learn how they celebrated the holidays!

Other: Thursday is early release at 1:00! Don’t forget about the Winter Wishes Gift Exchange with 4th grade! All gifts must be wrapped and labeled with the 4th graders name, as well as a clue about the 5th grader. Please make sure gifts arrive by Wednesday. What a fun annual tradition! Our holiday party will begin after our gift exchange. Pizza and drinks will be provided for the children.