December 12-15

Dear Parents,

Woah! I hope everyone enjoyed their long, snow weekend. From the chaotic events Friday to missing Monday we will definitely be playing catch up this week. Thanks in advance for your flexibility and understanding.

Save the Dates:
Mystery Sandwich Book Report: December 13

Wood Acres Band Concert: December 14; 6:30 P.M.

Holiday Party: December 20; 1-3 P.M.

City of Ember Movie Day: December 21; early dismissal 1:00 P.M.

Winter Holiday Break: December 22 – January 2

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: We are having a lot of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time in the classroom since our next novel won’t begin until after the holidays. Please make sure students have a free read book all week!

Writing: We continue to journal in our notebooks and are working to finish a special piece for the holidays.

Spelling: Our spelling words for the week are: wisdom, delicate, depart, triumph, gasp, pause, trace, shallow, loyal, gloomy, brilliant, compete, resource, consider, explore, drift, coward, active, accuse, and allow. Since the list did not make it home on Friday and we missed yesterday, our test for these words will be Monday, December 18.

Vocabulary: We are at the midway point! Students are working to create sentences using units 1-9 words. Students will be assessed on these words Tuesday, December 19. The test is set up a little bit differently than what they’re used to. They will be expected to match the vocabulary word to its definition, spell the words (the spelling list this week), figure out word meaning from a reading passage, and fill in the blank. Students are expected to bring the book home all week and are welcome to review online as well.

Math: We have learned how to multiply two-digit by one digit numbers and will work on multiplying three-digit numbers this week. Multiplication facts must be completed before the holidays!

Grammar: We will begin adjectives this week.

History: Our viking unit continues learning about Eric the Red. Longship extra credit models & write-ups are due next Wednesday, December 20.

Science: The human body unit continues…

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