5th Grade Weekly Update for Week of January 3rd

Photo Highlight of the Week: Our book buddies were blown away by our entertaining reader’s theater holiday skit!

ELA: This week, we will start to prepare for our Presidential Research Paper. All resources must be turned in by Monday, January 8th. This includes printing out internet resources, not just writing the website down. We will complete a KWL chart with each of our presidents and review some of the vocabulary that students might see throughout their resources.

History: We will continue our study of the Civil War this week. We will look at specific battles, like the Battle at Vicksburg and the Battle of Gettysburg, and how they turned the tide of the war. Our Studies Weekly will cover the 19th amendment and the Voting Rights Act, and introduce students to suffragists of the time period: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

Math: On Wednesday, we will dive into multiplying fractions. Students will explore the meaning of multiplying fractions by working with manipulatives and learn how we can use pictures to model this concept. Within this unit, students will learn how to multiply fractions by other fractions, whole numbers, and mixed numbers. We will create a graphic organizer that students can use as a reference when practicing these concepts at home.

Science: We have several students who signed up to participate in the extra credit mystery scientist project. These students will present their projects when we return to school. I’m looking forward to the creative presentations students have in store for us! Later in the week, we will continue with Investigation Three in our Earth’s Forces Cell. Within Investigation Three, students will explore the concept of friction and learn how to calculate the frictional force acting on an object.