New Year=New Hello

Hello and Happy New Year from Mrs. Leagan!
I am so happy that all of us will be together again. Our classroom is ready, my lesson plans are done, and our daily schedule is waiting to begin. I can’t wait to hear about all of the exciting things my students did while they were away. My break was rather busy and hectic, but full of family fun, great gatherings, and super celebrations.

I am very excited to provide you with your login information for the Parent/Teacher Gateway on our new website. This login is only for our classroom and it will highlight all of the wonderful things happening in our classroom and at school.
Go to
Scroll to the Parent/Teacher Gateway
Login: (msleagan)
Password: (leaganapple16)
When you login to the Parent/Teacher Gateway, you will be able to pay tuition, order lunches, and look at Blogs from my class, one for the specialists, and see latest campus news too. Thank you for checking it out!
2018 is sure to be a great year, so let’s get the party started. See you in the morning, and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

Yours truly,
Cheryl Leagan