News Flash!

Good Evening –
I am excited to use our new website to share my first blog entry tonight.
Going forward you will receive an email message from me letting you know that I made a new entry. That way you will know when to sign in and check the blog.
Today the kids were very happy to be back together. There were lots of smiles and they had a great time just being together.
They began the day with their Monday Journals. Yes, it is Wednesday, but we thought they would have a lot to say!!
They began a project creating Alpine Trees in Art. Mrs. Staggs will use them in decorating the bulletin board outside our classroom. Today they cut out circles to create name snowmen. We were very impressed at how well they handled this project. It was great to see them work so confidently.
Everyone had fun with a game of Rhyming Bingo. They caught on pretty quickly and had fun playing with all of the rhyming words.
Don’t forget to wear good shoes for PE tomorrow, and we’ll finish up the day with Spanish.

Have a great night.
Ms. Manning