November 27-December 1

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. I know I did! It was filled with family, tons of food, and pink-eye…yuck! We have a few weeks of busy working ahead of us. Let’s stay focused, complete work each day with our best effort, and reach that goal of break at the end of the tunnel. We got this!

Save the Dates:
Mystery Sandwich Book Report: December 13

Wood Acres Band Concert: December 14; 6:30 P.M.

Holiday Party: December 20; 1-3 P.M.

City of Ember & Early Release: December 21; 1:00 dismissal

Winter Holiday Break: December 22 – January 2

What’s Going on in our Classroom:
Reading: ​We will be reading various nonfiction articles in our Time for Kids magazines next week. Students will complete comprehension questions on these selections.

Writing: Our Popper’s whole book summaries will be on display soon. We continue to journal weekly and will begin special writing pieces next week for the holidays.

Spelling: Our spelling words next week are: brain, nervous system, organ, spinal cord, bones, joints, muscle, muscular system, skeletal system, respiratory system, exhale, inhale, lungs, oxygen, bronchi, trachea, function, nutrition, health, and human body. Spelling homework should be completed each day and students will be tested on these words Friday.

Vocabulary: Unit 10 words are: actual, brink, chill, conquer, fortunate, fury, intend, pattern, vibrant, and wit. Please feel free to use the online website here to review or play games for this unit. Students will be tested on these words Friday.

Math: We will be getting into more word problems next week using all operations. These can be a little tough, so I’ve encouraged the use of highlighters to find key words such as product/sum/etc. to help them determine which operation to use. We will also dabble in two-digit x one-digit multiplication problems. Knowing those facts will be key!

Grammar: We will finish our last lesson of verbs next week. Our Unit 3 test will be Friday, December 6. If students are able to sing the linking verb song, helping verb song, or both, they will receive bonus points on this test.

History: Our Viking unit continues! A longship extra credit opportunity was introduced today and will be due on Wednesday, December 20 if students choose to complete it. It is worth up to 10 extra points on a quiz or test this quarter.

Science: More human body next week. A test on the nervous system is scheduled for December 15.

This Matters At Wood Acres.

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