Weekly Update January 8, 2017

Hello Everyone,

We had a nice three days back, despite the cold! The board games at recess were a total hit- I think it may have been our quietest recess so far! We’ve been working hard on our New Year Resolutions, as well as our writing for our bulletin board. We are finishing up final copies, and the kids really took pride in their ideas and work. Please take a moment to look at them next week!

Important Notes:
-Book Report guidelines went home on Wednesday. I have had several students check in with me concerning their book report books. We did not get a chance to go to the library as planned this week due to the heat being out in the nursery and the library being the babies home for this week. I do have many Magic Treehouse books in the classroom that students are welcome to use for their book report books. Please have students choose their book and check in with me no later than Wednesday, January 10th to ensure they have enough time to read their book.

– We will be meeting with our Book Buddies on Friday, January 12th for a special activity hosted by second grade. We will be working with our book buddies to create a Martin Luther King Jr. mural that will hang inside our classroom. Should be a great teamwork activity and another happy memory for the kids.

-We will begin working on cursive towards the end of the month. This is an exciting time for second graders as they are anxious to begin their writing. I ask that you please DO NOT work with them at home on their cursive as, just like the SuperKids, we have a special way that we teach the material. Students will only be allowed to write their name once they have learned all lowercase letters AND uppercase letters. We will begin reading Muggy Maggy leading up to beginning our cursive, a fun story about a little girl who struggles with cursive writing and learns to find fun and enjoyment in it.

-Open House will be January 28th from 2-4PM. Be sure to stop on by and get a chance to get to know your child’s third grade teachers!

-Finally, I have planned for my last day to be Wednesday, February 7th. I put a lot of thought into making this my last day. Initially my plan was to go right up until my due date, however, with Olivia she came a week early and I was in labor on the school playground! Rather than leave unexpectedly, as I did previously, I would like to be able to say goodbye to the class and leave them with a nice, easy transition with Donna Peltier. Donna is familiar with the new Journeys curriculum as she covered a third grade maternity leave earlier this year, and will have wonderful insight as to what the students will be working on when they reach third grade. I believe this should be a smooth and happy transition, and I know Donna is excited to see many of her students from last year again 🙂 I will be returning Thursday, May 10th to finish up the last two weeks of school before they head out for summer break.

This Week:

Reading: This week we will be reading a biography on the life of Helen Keller. Our essential question will focus on how you can communicate in different ways.

Phonics and Spelling: Our phonics and spelling skill this week focuses on the long o sound (o, oa, ow)

Vocabulary: Our strategy this week is working with the suffix -ly

Grammar: We will continue our work on proper nouns

Comprehension Skills and Strategies: Our Target Skill will be working on identifying the author’s purpose, as well as understanding what a biography is. Our target skill will be to summarize.

Math: We will spend the next week working more with plain and solid figures, as well as congruent and symmetrical figures. We will have a check progress on Wednesday, January 10th.

History: We will be wrapping up our American’s Move West unit on Native Americans. Students will take home their study guides for a test which will be on Wednesday, January 10th.

Science: Previously I mentioned that we would begin our unit on sound. However, after looking at the material, we are going to post-pone the material for the end of the year and begin working on our unit of the Water Cycle and it’s Phases. Investigation 1 begins with exploring evaporation and condensation.

As always, thank you for all you do! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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