Parent Update

*Short, but sweet is the way I will describe our first few days into the New Year! The children were all so happy and eager to greet Ms. Phillips, myself, and friends. Sweet smiles and hugs all around.

* Our three day week included “Welcome into the New Year” and “Number Review”. Please continue to review numbers 1-10 with your children.

*We celebrated not only the New Year, but Jeffrey’s Fourth Birthday as well! We enjoyed having his Mom, Dad, big brother Isaak, and grandparents Oma and Opa. A fun time was had by all.

*The children enjoyed two Jan Brett books, The Mitten and The Hat. Hopefully, they were able to retell the stories at home.

*Upcoming, we will begin our Alphabet Unit with letters Aa and Bb.

*Please have your child bring in his/her favorite stuffed Animal on Tuesday, January 9th. “A” is for Animal! Each child will have a moment during circle to show/share.

*”B” will bring a hands on, tasty treat to share in the classroom. Hint…”B” is for Bakery ?. Letter B will begin the Letter Jar. This is the same idea as the ever popular Number Jar. The letter of the day will be in the jar, your child will chose ONE item beginning with the letter to place in jar for Show and Tell for Line Leader/snack day.

*With Martin Luther King Jr. holiday upon us, Monday January 15th, we will discuss his work this week. Wood Acres will be closed, in his honor, on the 15th.

*We missed several of our friends and look forward to seeing Charlie, Arjun and Ashley return from holiday travels this upcoming week!

*If you have not already, please send in a Winter appropriate change of clothing for your child. This should include shirt, undergarment, pants, and socks. Please have change in a zip locked bag, labeled with child’s name.

*Treehouse reminder: If your child remains in Treehouse, please have them bring a blanket for rest time. As the winter is upon us, a cozy blanket helps them cuddle up and sleep well.

As always, thank you all for your support.