The first full week of January

Hello, Fourth Grade Parents!

It is so much fun getting back to school and hearing about student activities and adventures! I hope that the cold weather has treated you fairly, and no one is without a warm fire or a toasty afghan to see them through this cold spell!

This upcoming week will give us some time to settle back into the fourth-grade routine. There will be no assessments during this week in math, history, or science. Students will learn about the writing of the Constitution in history, electrical energy in science, and division in mathematics. Last Thursday, students chose a state to investigate for their research paper. Please ask your child about his/her state. An orange packet of information has been sent home explaining the research project that will be taking place in history in the next 2 months. With your help, each student needs to have an index card file box and 100 3 by 5-inch index cards with lines on one side. These items need to be at school by January 16th. Also, students will need to take a trip to the local library to find a resource book or two about their state. Please take a look at the packet of information because it has details for you to read, and let me know if you have any questions.

Please look for this message on our blog on our new website. Thanks so much and remember that tomorrow is Spirit Day for Fourth-Grade! Go Dawgs!!!

My best,
Cindy Kuegeman

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