Weekly Update

Hello All,
I trust everyone had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! We had a short week last week but we packed quite a bit of academics into it and fun! The students have all grown so much and continue to impress me with their knowledge.

We wrapped up our study of the letter “E” featuring our super kid, Ettabetta. The children have done a great job of working with vowels and writing words. It is wonderful to see them grasping words and putting them together to read sentences. Please have them practice reading pgs. 12 and 13 in their student books which will go home tomorrow. We will be meeting our new super kid tomorrow! It is always so much fun for the kids.

The children did a fantastic job with tally marks. They grasped the concept of equal parts just as easily. We will work on symmetry this week. Our Check progress will be this Friday but no grade will be issued. We will then take our Chapter test on Wed, 1/17.

We will be working on the 5 senses during this unit. We will be doing various experiments which will further solidify our scientific concepts of making observations, conducting experiments, labeling and providing details, and drawing conclusions.

I will be teaching about Martin Luther King this week. Of course all lessons will be age appropriate with an emphasis on freedom for all.

Please continue to have your child practice handwriting. Ice cream paper is the best to use since the students are most familiar with it. Please refer to the handwriting sheet issued at the beginning of the year since there is a specific way to form letters. If you would like another copy of this page, I will be happy to make one for you. Remember, a handwriting grade will be issued on the next report card, January 18th.


*Word list tests*
Please continue to help your child study for the tests. Each student should be able to say the words quickly without sounding them aloud. They may sound the words out in their head. Fluency and quickness is our aim as we move closer to first grade.

We will continue our VIP the week of 1/22 – 1/26. This will ensure that each child will be able to have a full week of privileges.

I am continuing to have the children read one-on-one to me. We are choosing “Bob books” and Superkids books mainly. However, some students pick out more difficult books and read them. I am looking for fluency and continuity. As we near first grade, it is important that students be able to read small, simple texts. Please continue to read to your child and have them read to you.

Once again, thank you for all you do at home. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Melinda Taylor

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