News Flash!

Good Evening,
We are having a great week so far. The kids had fun making Nifty Noodle Necklaces today as we explore the letter N. They focused on creating a pattern as they worked. Ask them if they can tell you what pattern they used on their necklace. They also colored a pattern necklace by reading the color words. Recnogizing the basic color words is one of the skills that we have been working on all year, and that we expect them to master by the end of the year.
We finally made it out to recess! Between the rain and the below freezing temps, it has been quite some time since we have been out! They were thrilled. Fingers crossed that the weather holds for tomorrow!!
In Art, they are working on a multimedia project. One of the things I like best about Mrs. Doherty is these in-depth projects that focus on a variety of skills that help them with their development beyond her classroom.
After Art they listened to our new story, The Nightingale. They enjoyed this story, and we had a discussion about whether dragons are real or not. It is interesting how they come to conclusions about things.
Yesterday in math we completed an activity in which they put together pieces to complete shapes. It was a bit tricky. Did you know that you can use two triangles to create a square, a rectangle and yes, even a triangle!!
Mrs. Staggs led them in a science activity today, in which they explored why things melt. They read their Science Spin magazine and also observed an ice cube and chocolate melting. Ask them if they know what can cause things to melt.
We are in need of some more table wipe donations. If you are able to send some in, we would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Adrienne Dickerson added Mystery Reader opportunities to the sign-up sheet on the Shutterfly account through the end of the year. If you need a time other than Tuesday’s at 11:45, please contact me. We would love to see every parent have a chance to read this year. We will find a time that works for you!!

Ms. Manning