News Flash!

Well, we survived another wet, drippy day. The kids were happy to be able to leave the room and skip, hop and gallop to our Technology class.

We began the day designing neckties. After discussing the vast array of design options, everyone did a great job creating a pattern on their necktie. We meant to get a picture of the kids wearing them, but missed our chance, We hope to get one on Tuesday!

After that they completed a dot marker page where they identified N words and practiced writing the letter, they played a little longer than usual and then cleaned up for a lesson on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

They watched a video and read the magazine which finished with them completing a page where they described what they can do to make a difference. They were very thoughtful and creative in their answers.

We ended the day with the Introductory game for the Nightingale. They used a black X to run a relay race called X Marks the Spot! See if they can tell you what the last person in the relay needed to do to finish the turn.

We could still use some donations of table wipes if you are out and about this weekend. Thanks in advance.

Have a super weekend. We’ll see you on Tuesday.

Ms. Manning