Parent Update

Parent Update
We began our Alphabet Unit with letters Aa and Bb.
• The children traced, and identified both upper and lower case
• We read many books and played games to identify words with beginning sounds of each
• The Sound Box Books were among the favorite reads. This is a series of alphabet books where children use a box to gather all items they find beginning with the specified letter. You can try this at home during these chilly, indoor days! Find a box, assign letter A or B and start the fun!
• A is for Art! For Letter “A” each child had a table full of Art mediums, with which they were given free range to create!
• B is for Bread and Butter! We mixed the ingredients and let the bread machine begin to do its magic. The wonderful smell filled our classroom, which led us to all the B words…bread, butter, bakery, burn, bun, baguette etc we could associate. Finally, the cycle was over with a ding of the bread machine. Sliced, then slathered with butter the children devoured!
• We spent time on Friday talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and the importance of being kind to one another. We hope you enjoyed the beautiful poem and project created in his honor.
• Thank you to Kerry Perry for reading to the class, and for so patiently waiting through our monthly fire drill before making her grand entrance.
• No school Monday, January 15th in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.
• Next week we will introduce letters Cc and Dd.
• Please continue to help your child place one item in the Alphabet Jar upon identifying the letter attached to bottom of jar. Please assure the letter remains in the jar!
• Stay healthy! We are blowing noses, coughing into our elbows, washing hands, and keeping our classroom as germ free as possible. Thank you for your continued support at home as well.
• Enjoy the remainder of this long weekend, stay warm.