The week of January 16th

Hello, Parents!

Last Monday, the 8th, marked the end of the second quarter. I am preparing grades this weekend, and report cards will be sent home on Thursday, the 18th. I think you will be pleased with the results of your student’s second quarter of fourth grade. The third quarter has a lot in store for fourth-graders so here is a snapshot of this coming week (hopefully, we will be in session every day!):

Mathematics: We are engaged in learning the division process right now. Students have been relating multiplication and division, and they understand that they are opposite (inverse) operations which means that one can undo the other. That concept is so important to the understanding of both division and multiplication. Students are becoming proficient at explaining their thinking and understanding which helps me learn how well they are “getting” the math! We will be dividing by single-digit divisors and learning how to interpret a remainder in a word problem this coming week.

Science: We have just finished the third investigation in the CELL, Forms of Energy. Students have discovered mechanical energy, sound energy, electrical energy, light energy, and gravitational energy. There will be a quiz on Investigations 1,2, and 3 this Friday, the 19th.

History: Thank you to all who have taken their students shopping for the file card box, 100 file cards (3 x 5 size), and made a trip to the library for some resources for the state research project. Please let me know if you have any questions about this project. Hopefully, your student has shown you the neon orange research information packet and asked you to sign and initial a couple of pages. This way you know what is going on for this paper. We have been studying the writing of the Constitution in class. We will finish up that unit this week and have a test next week. I will distribute a study guide the first of this week.

I hope that you have all had a chance to view the new website. I am posting my newsletters there, as well. You will not see grades or assignments on the website, but you will be able to order lunches, pay tuition and see school announcements such as inclement weather postings. Please let me know if you have any difficulty with this new site or contact Nicole Hankamer. She is our guru on the website!

Students were given homework for this weekend. It is a Time For Kids magazine about companies that are not only offering a product for sale but doing good things for others such as Tom’s Shoes. Students have been challenged to talk with parents about something they could do in their own communities to start a business and help others, as well. I hope that they have talked to you about this assignment. It is fitting for Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday since the King Family has asked all people to do something of service on this national holiday. The information is in their homework folders. Thank you for your input!

Enjoy the “scheduled” three day weekend! Stay warm, and we will be back at school Tuesday morning!

My best,

Cindy Kuegeman
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
The Wood Acres School

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