ABC’s here we come!

Learning the alphabet is one milestone that we tend to mark as an indication of a child’s successful entry into the world of reading. Mrs. Alger and I have planned many fun filled learning activities to help your child become successful throughout this unit by utilizing some of these materials such as, magnet letters, white boards, and flash cards.

This week, we will focus on the letters C and D. For the letter C, the children will become cookie monsters as they make their own cookies and decorate them with yummy delicious toppings. Yum Yum! For creative art, we will make chef hats and create Catapillar’s by using the letters in our names. For the letter D, we will observe a dinosaur hatching from a capsule and during group discussion talk about fossils. For creative movement your little ones may be a little crabby as we crawl round looking like crabs ( Snap Snap) and play Doggie Doggie Where’s My Bone.

Durning Investigator Club our focus of the week is as followed;
Let’s meet Chuck Wood. Chuck Wood is known for building things out of wood.

Literacy: Dilly and Chuck Wood
Objective is to listen and recite the story.

Physical Awareness: Beginning sounds
Objective is to show awareness of beginning sounds of letters C and D.

Oral Language: setting the stage
Objective is to identify the letter in written words.

Oral Language: Chuck says
Objective is to listen and understand conversations, songs, finger play and poems.

Music and Movement: Under construction
Objective is to move about freely with the music.

As a reminder, on Thursdays your child will create a letter bag that will be sent home to find child age appropriate toys to show and share on Fridays. What fun they had last weeks showing and sharing their bags for the first time. They all did a phenomenal job as they represented each item they brought in.

Feel Good Friday is silly sock day and we would like to welcome Mrs. Molina, Ben’s mother who is our Mystery reader this week. We are looking forward to having her as part of our fun Friday.
Mystery reader dates are still available. If you would like to be a part of our Feel Good Friday’s please email me for a date. Dates that are no longer available are as followed,
January 19th
February 2nd
March 2nd
March 23th

Open house will be held January 28th from 2 to 4 pm. While we love and don’t want to see your children go, we are so excited about there soon – to – be transition to the four year old building! Come in and spend sometime getting to know the teachers down the hill. We are more then confident in their abilities to continue helping your child grow and succeed at the Woods!

Thank you for helping us help your child’s educational experience at the Wood a good one!

Have a wonderful week! ?

Ms. Orsano and Mrs. Alger