The final week of January-wow!

Good morning, Parents,

As you know, this afternoon Wood Acres is holding its annual Open House for the 2018-2019 school year. Please stop in and say hello as you pass by to visit the fifth grade. Can you believe that your child is headed for fifth grade? WOW! Our fourth graders are more than halfway there! This is an exciting time for them! Mrs. Rozier and Mrs. Armstrong are both looking forward to meeting you and your students!

I have had to make a change in our schedule for this week. I noticed that Mrs. Leagan scheduled an end of the novel test for Wednesday which is the same day that I had rescheduled the history test. There are also two quizzes on Friday, February 2nd. Therefore, I am changing the history test to Thursday, February 1st. She and I are trying to schedule tests and quizzes so that they are not all on the same day. I hope that this change will be acceptable to everyone. Thank you for your understanding. Here is our week at a glance:

History: Test rescheduled for Thursday, February 1st. We will review the study guide Monday and Tuesday. We will continue to research in class. Note-taking will be completed by Friday, February 7th. Students are progressing well in this area and are on target with this aspect of the paper. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Science: Scientists are finishing Investigation 5 tomorrow in Forms of Energy, and they will begin a performance assessment on Tuesday. The assessment will take 4 days to complete. After the assessment, there will be a written test evaluating the knowledge they have gained about the forms of energy.

Mathematics: Mrs. Kuegeman’s class only: Students are doing very well with long division! They are finding it challenging, and the quiz they took on Thursday showed that they have a clear understanding of this new skill. Quizzes came home in Friday folders. This week we will learn about finding the mean and explore the order of operations, as well as divide, divide, divide! 👍

For Mrs. Kuegeman’s class only: Conference days are coming up on February 20 and 21 so I will be sending a Sign-Up Genius to you this week to schedule your appointment with me. As soon as you are able, please let me know if you will be out of town at that time. I appreciate the advance notice. Thank you.

It is a bit of a soggy day. A good day to read or work on an indoor hobby or come visit Wood Acres in the afternoon! Hope to see you later!

My best,

Cindy Kuegeman
Lead Fourth Grade Teacher
The Wood Acres School

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