Jan. 28 newsletter

Good Evening Families,

Thank you to all the families that braved this soggy day to visit the 4’s classrooms! I hope you got to meet those fabulous teachers and had all your questions answered. We had a pretty steady flow of families come through our building.

It was our first full week of school without holidays or snow since before Christmas!! Also, we had 4 days of perfect attendance…..that is something to cheer about with all the nasty flu bugs around us. ( I hoped a didn’t speak too soon).

We had fun learning letters C and D. The class heard the story, “If You Give A Cat A Cupcake,” and that led to us eating cupcakes for snack. For letter D, the children went on a dig for dinosaurs. We watched little capsules grow into dinosaurs after placing them in warm water. It was amazing! We focused on dinosaurs quite a lot.

Next week’s focus is on letters E and F. Also, the Groundhog will be popping out of his burrow on Friday!

Have a great week ahead,
Wanda and Leslie

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