Wood Acres Winter Wonderland families

We have been working hard on identifying the beginning letters of the alphabet. Mrs. Alger and I have added many different learning activities that involve our letters of the week. We have been doing some fun large group games that involve dancing, singing and bubbles along with our letters. We never want our learning to be boring! It’s a fun challenge to keep up with your preschoolers by finding new and exciting ways to engage their learning. This week we will be focusing on letters “ E and F”. Your creative little ones will create Elephants, Elmo puppets, and fireman hats. The theme of the week is Groundhogs Day. During large group we will discuss the meaning behind this day and pop out side to see if we see our shadow. We are hoping we don’t see ours for we are wanting warmer days to come!

The Investigator Club is a rich enhancement the your little ones for thriving on. The Investigator puppets are some of many materials we use to help the children relate to the subjects. As we continue to work with Chuck Wood, our focus for this week is as followed;

Physical Awareness: Beginning Sounds

Objective – To identify letters of the alphabet

Oral Language: “How Much Would a Wood Chuck Chuck”?

Objective – To recognize matching sounds and rhymes, in familiar words, games, songs, and stories.

Music and Movement: “Dilly Builds with a Hammer”

Objective – To be creative with movement while dancing to music.

Oral Language: Sharing chair

Objective – To demonstrate confidence in ability and pride in accomplishment.

As a reminder, on Thursday’s the children create a letter bag witch will be sent home the same day. Please encourage your child to find one item for each letter we are learning that week for show and share day on Fridays.

Our Valentine’s Day party will be held on February 14th at 10:00. We are asking only the parents who have signed up for the party to come in and help out but if you want to be a part of a day full of LOVE, we would be more then happy to have you. Just let me know in advance. We would also like to exchange Valentine’s that day, please bring in Valentine’s for your child to exchange the day of our party. Keep in mind we have PEANUT allergies. Thank you for keeping that in the back of your minds.

Thanks to Mrs. Raman who was our Mystery Reader last week. The children enjoyed listening to some of Dev’s favorite books. This week we would like to welcome Mrs. Smith, Lawson’s mother as our reader. We are looking forward to having her a part of our Feel Good Friday!

Summer is shortly upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to check into our camp, please do so, spots fill up fast and I know this year our camp is set up to be a magical one! If you have any question about summer camp, please address it to the main office. They would be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

Have a safe and healthy week!
Ms. Orsano & Mrs. Alger