Move over January and make way for February

Where did January go??

The 100th day is this Thursday and I’m still missing a few snacks. Please send those in ASAP! We are all set for the crafts we have planned for the day. Thank you for all the donations so far!!

We’ve had a few sick kids today, so we did not choose partners for the Dr. Seuss project. I will wait for all kids to be back by mid week.

**Please remember, if your child has a fever or has thrown up, they really need to stay home to rest and get better and not take a chance with infecting others. I have been flying through Lysol wipes and spray trying to avoid the “yuck” that is going around the school…and some classes have it BAD!! We are also washing hands throughout the day, not just disinfecting.

Math timed tests….many are getting the hang of it! Woohoo! I will suggest that everyone should continue practicing flash cards at home; we have our own set in the class. I spoke with Mrs. Butcher, and she gave me 3 web site suggestions to practice facts at home. As I have said before, I am not stressing the score/grade. The goal is for the student to beat their score from the previous testing day.

Sheppard Software

Cool Math

Math Playground

Thank you for signing and sending back the reading slip form. I do not usually give homework over the weekend, but with the crazy weather and missed days, I had to assign the reading in order to catch up with our work. We are taking a break from writing during the month of February. We will do more crafts and hands on projects to display and show off.

Friday, we will watch Puxatony Phil emerge from his burrow and hopefully not see his shadow!! Here’s to hoping Spring comes early!!

Coming up:

Conferences…reminders with day and time will come home soon.

Valentines Day….there is a sign up sheet and class list with names on Shutterfly. We will pass out Valentines and candy, so there should be enough for all 16 students! Thanks!!

Have a great and healthy week!!

P.S. If you’ve read this, tell your child the secret word “project.” They can come to me tomorrow (Tuesday) and whisper the secret word for a prize!!