5th Grade Weekly Update Week of January 5th

Math: This week, students loved playing our Zonk Valentine’s Day themed math game to review our unit skills and using their knowledge of multiplying and dividing fractions to create heart shaped wreaths! Our unit test will be on Monday. Students completed a study guide to prepare, which was included in Friday Folders. The study guide did not include word problems. Students were instructed to bring home their textbooks to find additional practice problems as they prepare this weekend for the unit test. Our next unit of study will be our Probability and Statistics Unit. Within this unit, students will learn how to interpret and create various types of graphs, including line plots, stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots. We will also learn how to calculate the probability of independent and dependent events using tree diagrams.

Science: Last week, we wrapped up Investigation Five, and we will have our unit test this week. Mrs. Armstrong’s class will take the test on Wednesday and Mrs. Rozier’s class will take it on Thursday. On Friday, students received a study guide that highlights the big ideas from each investigation and ask some follow up questions. We practiced how to identify these big ideas and highlight them within our data books. We also discussed various study methods like using the big ideas listed on the study guide to create flashcards. On Monday, we will play a Jeopardy review game. The study guide is due on Tuesday. We will review in class and students will have the opportunity to add to their answers. Our next unit of study will be simple machines!

ELA: Our goal is to finish note cards this week! We’ve had a lot of activities going on over the course of the week, and it’s put us a little behind. Hopefully, everyone will stay well, and we can finish up! In grammar, we’re going to continue our work on commas. Specifically working on commas with introductory and ending elements, commas interrupting elements, and commas with compound sentences. All of this review is sure to help us with our research paper!

History: Since finishing our Civil War unit, students have been introduced to our next unit this week, Westward Expansion After the Civil War. Students will complete independent study activities outside of class, and inside class we will complete interactive activities that will get them excited about this time period. Students will create a cow brand for their cow card and walk through a cattle drive simulation throughout the week. They will pick special cards and see how many cows they have lost or gained along the way, as well as, how many miles they have traveled. It’s an interesting way to experience the hardships faced by cowboys in the west.

Other: If you missed our parent meeting on Tuesday, packets went home in Friday Folders. Please send all info back to homeroom teachers by next Friday. Payment should be turned in to the front office by March 2nd.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! If your student would like to participate, please send in a valentine for each student. We sent home a class list on Friday to help with labeling.